Google Messages will add three new features to the app

The Google Messages app is looking to increase its popularity among Android users and is working on new features to develop the system. Right now, the app is adding three new modern tools.

Recent reports from the company indicate that Google Messages is testing an “emoji reaction” feature, something that is already present in competitors like WhatsApp and Slack. The tool has been available since 2020, but so far users can only react with just seven emojis to a message.


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With this, Google Messages works on expanding more emojis for reactions, as the limitation ended up not attracting the attention of users. In recent years, the company has only made one update on that side: it “translated” iMessage reactions and made conversations with iPhone users more dynamic.

Another issue being worked on is the transcription of voice messages. With the novelty, an audio message can be transcribed and users will have the option to select which audios will receive the change – the choice can be automatic or manual. According to the 9to5Google website, the tool should still take a while to finally reach the public.

Image: Playback/Google
Image: Playback/Google

The third novelty is related to the Google Messages photo gallery. The app is producing a new interface and in this design, users will be able to scroll through images in a vertical scroll. Amidst the functionality, a modern tab called “Folder” will replace the old “Gallery” field.

Google Messages continues to struggle to capture the attention of users using rival apps. The company recently launched the #GetTheMessage campaign, but the advertising didn’t have the expected effect and the app is looking for new ways to operate in the market.

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