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Leaving someone “in a vacuum” on WhatsApp can be the best way out in different situations, such as avoiding unpleasant conversations or people you don’t want to keep in touch with. To deal with this issue, the messenger provides native functions that help preserve your privacy and description – such as deactivating “Online”, “Last seen” and even “Read confirmation”, represented by blue ticks.

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The tools make users “invisible” in the app and lessen the pressure of being in an inconvenient chat. In the list below, learn about these and other tips to stop unpleasant conversations and learn how to do the procedures on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

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1. Using reactions instead of responding

Reacting to messages with emojis is a good way to end a WhatsApp conversation. This is because the resource can act as a “feedback” to the contents received in the chat, without generating the embarrassing impression that they were completely ignored.

To react on Android phones and iPhone (iOS), just tap the message and press it. The action will open six symbol options: heart, thumbs up, laughter, fright, crying and prayer/thank you. In addition, the messaging app also provides the “+” button, where you can find the full emoji keyboard.

WhatsApp emoji reactions are a good alternative to “put an end” to unwanted conversations — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

2. Take a read receipt

When a message is sent on WhatsApp, it is possible to know the exact moment when the recipient viewed the content – ​​this is because the “ticks” turn blue when viewed, and the “Read” tab shows the time of reading. However, users can choose to disable the tool, providing more freedom. As a result, message ticks remain gray even after viewing, and no one will be sure that the content has already been seen, avoiding charges or embarrassment.

To disable the feature on Android, open WhatsApp and tap the three dots at the top of the screen; after that, go to “Settings” and select “Privacy”. Finally, disable the “Read Receipts” option. On the iPhone, select “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen, then “Privacy”, then “Read Receipts”. It is worth remembering that the setting is a two-way street: people will not know that you have read their messages, and you won’t be sure who has read yours.

By disabling read confirmations, other users will not know if you have read a message on WhatsApp — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

3. Disable last seen

The “Last seen” function shows exactly the last time a person opened WhatsApp, which can become a nuisance for those who don’t want to chat at certain times. Disabling the tool can be one more way to remain “invisible” in the app, freeing yourself from the pressure of sending responses – since that way, no one will be sure when you were there for the last time.

To disable the tool on Android, tap the three dots and, at the top of the screen, access “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Under “Last seen and online”, select the privacy option you prefer: “Everyone”, “My contacts except…” or “Nobody”. people.

On the iPhone (iOS), in turn, directly access the “Settings” tab, in the bottom bar of the screen, and tap on “Privacy”. Under “Last seen,” select the best option for you.

“Last seen” can be disabled in the messenger settings — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

4. Remove “online” status

Another way to remain invisible on WhatsApp is to remove the “online” status, a possibility that recently reached users. With it, you can have the freedom to chat with whoever you want without other people seeing that you are using the app at that moment. The measure is ideal to “void” the application, considering that your contacts will never be sure that you are there.

To change the setting on Android, open the messenger and tap on the three dots located at the top right of the screen. Then go to “Settings”, “Privacy”, then “Last seen and online”. On iPhone, go to “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen, then tap “Privacy” and “Last seen and online”.

It is also possible to choose one of the two options: “Everyone”, so that anyone can see that you are online, or “Even if last seen”, so that the configuration is the same as the one chosen in “Last seen”.

Possibility of removing the “online” status is recent and allows users to access WhatsApp “invisibly” — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

5. Archive chat or mute forever to not receive notification

To leave someone in the “vacuum” and still ensure that the person’s notifications don’t bother you, WhatsApp offers some alternatives. One option is to archive the chat, an action that “save” the conversation in the “Archived” tab, separating it from other message exchanges. In addition to ensuring that you are not faced with the chat whenever you access the application, the tool also prevents notifications of new messages from being displayed. To do this, just tap on a chat, press it and select the “Archive” icon, represented by the downward facing arrow.

Another way to avoid discomfort is the “Silence” option, which also prevents message notifications from reaching your device. It is worth remembering, however, that the muted chat will still be displayed in “Conversations” normally.

To use the tool on Android phones, open a WhatsApp conversation and tap on the three dots, located at the top right of the screen. Then tap on “Silence notifications” and choose one of the three time options: “8 hours”, “1 week” or “Always”. On iPhone, press a chat and tap the “Mute” option to choose the desired period.

Options such as silencing or archiving messages can rid users of unwanted notifications — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

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