LINGERIE: Judge is suspended for appearing half-naked and smoking during hearing

A Colombian judge has been suspended for three months after appearing lying down, in a T-shirt and panties, and smoking in a virtual courtroom. The decision is from the Judicial Disciplinary Commission of Norte de Santander, which understood that the magistrate, Vivian Polania, violated several administrative regulations.

The hearing in which the incident took place was held last week and discussed an attack carried out inside a Colombian army brigade in Cúcuta, in June 2021. While witnesses and lawyers spoke, the judge’s camera was off.

According to the Colombian press, which had access to the court’s decision, the judge turned on the camera an hour into the meeting, “revealing that she was lying in bed in a deplorable state, looking disheveled with sleepy eyes and slurred speech”.

A lawyer alerted the judge, who immediately turned off the camera. The footage, however, was leaked on social media and made it possible, which caused the investigation of the Colombian Justice.

“Such a situation does not match the care, respect and circumspection with which a judge of the republic should administer justice, denoting a clear lack of respect on the part of the official”, wrote the magistrates that make up the Commission.

In an interview with Blu Radio, from Colombia, Vivian denied that she was half naked and said she was lying down because she had an anxiety attack and her blood pressure had dropped. The magistrate stated that she was “extremely overloaded”, which caused her mental health to suffer. She also said she lives a routine of bullying by colleagues for the way she dresses.

Vivian’s clothing, by the way, earned the judge a series of disciplinary actions before the virtual hearing. At the time, the magistrate defended herself by saying that Cúcuta, the city where she moved to exercise the position of judge, “has a scorching heat” and therefore adhered to shorts and T-shirts. for long dresses, but was forced to wear a judicial tunic because she was “too sexy”.

Another point that caused repression was the online behavior of the judge. According to the Colombian press, Vivian is known for sharing photos only in lingerie on her Instagram profile, where she had 300,000 followers — the account was temporarily suspended, but is now reactivated.

“I got tired of pleasing people instead of my peace of mind,” he said in an interview with Blu Radio. She even stated that she will not change her personality to please other people.

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