Make your Android phone like new; see what to do!

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Smartphone companies design all sorts of clever strategies to try to make you perceive your phone as obsolete and want to replace it ASAP.

However, if you have a cell phone androidyou can apply some tricks that will make your cell phone look like new again.

5 tips that will leave your smartphone looking like new

Do you really need to buy a new cell phone every year? There are some tips that can make your phone look brand new. Check out some tips below that will help you with this task.

Replace cover and film

Often simple things like renewing your screen protector and case can make your phone feel like new. For this service, which is not so expensive, look for a store you trust that will do everything very well, leaving your smartphone with a new look.

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Update the operating system

If your phone isn’t up to date, it can look older and start to lag. Many Android device manufacturers provide at least three years of system updates. So check if an update is available and install it.

Install a new launcher

One of the best features of Android is that it can be customized. No matter what Android phone you own, you are never forced to use the software experience that came with it. So, to change it up a bit, change your launcher and give your phone a new look.

change your battery

The truth is, all batteries degrade over time, typically lasting three years or less. After that time, its degradation starts to get in the way, leaving you without battery frequently and forcing you to recharge your cell phone all the time. So consider investing in a new battery before switching your phone, which might be more worth it.

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Delete useless media and apps

Always try to delete media and applications that are no longer useful, as this will ensure greater agility in the functions of your device. In addition, fast and agile cell phones often resemble new devices.

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