Martinez sees Bahia’s SAF as the best in Brazil and pins the press

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As president of the Deliberative Council of Bahia, Leonardo Martinez has been actively participating throughout the process of analyzing the proposal until the Extraordinary General Assembly on the 3rd, when member-fans will judge the SAF tricolor offer.

In a live interview on journalist Jorge Nicola’s channel, the Council representative spoke about the proposal made by the City Group to Bahia and reaffirmed his position that it will be the best SAF in Brazil.

“I would like to congratulate the Executive Board, Guilherme Bellintani and Vitor Ferraz, who negotiated for almost a year. Regardless of who the bidder was, knowing the robustness of the City Group, we negotiated eye to eye, with great respect. I already made a controversial statement that ‘if everything is confirmed as negotiated, we will have the best SAF in Brazil’. And today I can say with this proposal on the table that we have the best SAF proposal in Brazil🇧🇷

After a scathing statement, Martinez explained the reasons that make him think that way. He points out that it is not just for the billionaire value, but for the entire construction of the project and for everything that will surround Esporte Clube Bahia from the approval of the 3rd.

“First, because it is the first SAF proposal in Brazil that fully pays the debt. It will be paid by SAF. In addition, we are talking about the largest multi-club group in the world. Bahia will be the 13th club. So, we have a worldwide structure available to Bahia, with a lot of technology, information, quality human material. As President Guilherme Bellintani has already said, we are not just looking for a check, and in this case it is a fat check for R$ 1 billion, but we are also looking for a project. We married a very strong project of information, quality, technology and investments”.

Martinez also explained that the proposal has already gone through all the internal procedures and all that remains is the supporters’ response to the proposal.

“We have already dealt with all the governance of Esporte Clube Bahia, a highly democratic club. We already have a favorable opinion from the Fiscal Council and the SAF special commission in the Deliberative Council, from the Legal commission as well. And on the 21st, it was unanimously approved by the councilors. From that, we go to the General Assembly on the 3rd”.

Nailed the national press

In the live broadcast, the president of the tricolor Council took the opportunity to sting the national press by stating that in the future the southeastern media will not be able to escape talking about the Squadron.

“I would like to congratulate you (Jorge Nicola), because here we feel segregated by the press outside the Northeast, but perhaps another part of the press on the national scene will have no choice but to talk about Bahia and the triumphs of Esporte Clube Bahia🇧🇷

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