Neymar ‘sleeps in physiotherapy’ and treats ankle 24 hours a day to return to the World Cup

Neymar has been doing intense work with physiotherapists for the Brazilian team to return for the World Cup in Qatar

You first days of recovery have been intense for Neymar. With a ligament injury to his right ankle, the star of the Brazilian team has been sleeping in physiotherapy at the Westin Doha Hotel and treating his problem 24 hours a day to return yet in world Cup from Qatar.

Who revealed the details was Marquinhoscompanion of the Brazilian also in the PSGin a press conference this Sunday, the eve of the game between Brazil and Switzerlandon the second (28).

Marquinhos also shared How was Neymar’s reaction after feeling the problem on his debut? before the Serbia🇧🇷 “I think that, at the time, at the moment, until I digest everything, it is a delicate, difficult situation. After the match, I saw him sad, it’s normal, because of everything he dreamed of, wanted, the will he had.🇧🇷

“But today, after tests, treatment, he is sleeping in physiotherapy, doing physiotherapy 24 hours a day. That shows how much he wants to be with us, that’s it.🇧🇷 We don’t know when. Today we see it much better. It is very important to have a good head, which influences a lot in this moment of recovery. I see him very confident on his return. And that helps with the comeback.”

THE CBF has already ruled out Neymar from the match against the Swiss and, according to ESPN, he also does not play against Cameroon at the end of the group stage. The job is for him to be able to be on the field in possible knockout clashes in Qatar.

The 24 hours of work that Marquinhos referred to are only interrupted so that Neymar can sleep. At all times, he has physical therapy devices that help drain the injury site.

“He’s focused, very focused. Sleeping in physiotherapy, 24 hours a day. So he can be back. VWe want to keep working, game by game, to see when he can be back. It’s going to work, good head, physiotherapy”completed Marquinhos, also citing Danilo, who lives in the same situation as Neymar, with a ligament injury in his left ankle.

“Also remember Danilo, who is an important player for us. They are doing their best to be with us as soon as possible.”

confidence in return

Although at the moment it is impossible to pinpoint when or even if Neymar and Danilo will return in the Cup, both Marquinhos and coach Tite reinforced their confidence in recoveries.

🇧🇷I believe that Neymar and Danilo will play in the World Cup. I“, said Tite, reinforcing the speech he had already made after the game against Serbia. “Doctors, clinically, can talk more about the stages. I have no place to speak. I trust we can use both.”

“100% confidence. It’s inevitable, we wanted to have Neymar, Danilo… In a World Cup, professor can say, he wanted to have all 26 players available. But we showed before and we are ready to show again that the group is strong, well trained, ready for any divergence. This was said, we know, that not always the team that starts will finish. Sometimes due to injury, because one is better than the other. We have to have this awareness and wisdom,” said Marquinhos.

Tite also revealed that Neymar and Danilo stayed until the next morning after the game against Serbia already treating the injury🇧🇷 This Sunday, the coach asked the duo to accompany the delegation to the Grand Hamad Stadium, the selection’s training center, to follow the treatment there🇧🇷 The winger was with the group, but the shirt 10 followed at the hotel.

“Marquinhos is not sensitizing anyone, he is talking about what happened. Let them draw conclusions. The only thing I did, I’m stalling… The only thing I said was to go to the field, I want to be with them, to do what possible treatment.”

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