Nicki Aycox’s Post-Supernatural Journey

What happened to Nicki Aycox, one of the most beloved actresses of the first seasons of Supernatural? For those who don’t remember, Aycox plays the “first Meg Masters”, an unforgettable devil. Recently, fans of the series were caught off guard by tragic news about the star.

Supernatural came to an end in October 2019 after 15 seasons and 327 episodes. The series, it is worth remembering, was starred by Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam).

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The Supernatural universe lives on with spin-off The Winchesters. The spin-off series is set during the youth of John Winchester and Mary Campbell – the parents of Sam and Dean.

We’ve revealed everything you need to know about Nicki Aycox’s post-Supernatural journey below; check it out (via TheThings).

Nicki Aycox opposite Halle Berry

In the first few seasons of Supernatural, Nicki Aycox played Meg Masters, an unforgettable character. After leaving the cast of the series, the actress acted in the neo-noir thriller A Estranha Perfeita.

In the thriller film, Aycox starred opposite Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. The actress played Grace, one of Rowena’s best friends. Her performance received much praise from the audience.

Supernatural star starred in The X-Files

In 2008, Nicki Aycox appeared in the film The X-Files: I Want to Believe, the second adventure of Agents Mulder and Scully in theaters. Previously, the actress had played a different character in the 7th season of the mystery series.

In the same year, Nicki Aycox participated in the horror film Joy Ride 1: Dead Ahead, sequel to the film Joy Ride, released in 2001.

Nicki Aycox participated in Dark Blue

In July 2009, Nicki Aycox starred in the procedural series Dark Blue. The action-drama production aired on the American broadcaster TNT. In the series, Aycox played an undercover agent for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Starring Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story), the series follows the story of a unit of police infiltrated in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. With Tricia Helfer (Lucifer) and Logan Marshall Green (Lou) in the cast, the series was canceled after two seasons.

Nicki Aycox’s last role

The last performance of Nicki Aycox’s career took place in 2014, in the TV movie Death on Campus. In the thriller, the actress played vocational counselor Danielle Williams. The film focuses on a series of murders that take place at a university.

The previous year, Nicki Aycox also acted in the films The Girl on the Train, with Emily Blunt, and The Employer, with Malcolm McDowell. On TV, Nicki Aycox’s last project was the drama series The Glades, released in 2013.

Nicki Aycox battled cancer

In 2021, Nicki Aycox was diagnosed with leukemia – a type of cancer that affects white blood cells, and whose causes are not fully understood. The actress began chemotherapy treatment in March of the same year.

“I got very sick with Covid-19 between January and February. And then it all came to a head. I ended up in the hospital, and then they diagnosed me with leukemia,” commented the actress on social media.

In March 2022, Nicki Aycox revealed that she had started a new chemotherapy treatment to combat the resurgence of the disease.

Nicki Aycox passed away in November 2022

Nicki Aycox passed away on November 16, 2022, as a result of leukemia. The eternal Meg of Supernatural was only 47 years old. Before dying, the actress used social media to share her battle with cancer with fans.

In her latest post, shared on Instagram on March 25, Nicki Aycox appears in a hospital bed. Without losing her good mood, the actress sings “Here I Go Again”, a song by the band Whitesnake.

Nicki Aycox was honored by Supernatural colleagues

After Nicki Aycox’s passing, several colleagues and fans of the actress posted tributes on social media.

“Destroyed to learn that the great Nicki Aycox, our first Meg Master has passed away – far too young” – commented Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural.

“My first episode of Supernatural was with Nicki. She was a sensational actress and a great colleague. I am very sad to hear that she died. Sleep well, my friend” – wrote Jim Beaver, the interpreter of Bobby Singer.

“Sad news for the Supernatural Family. By all appearances, Nicki Aycox (Meg Masters) has moved into the next dimension. She was the original owner of Supernatural. Safe travels, Nicki. I hear the next stop is wonderful. See you there” – commented Samantha Ferris, the interpreter of Ellen Harvelle.

In Brazil, Supernatural is available on HBO Max.

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