Perrone: Manifestation of father collaborates for infantilized image of Neymar – 11/26/2022

This Friday (25), the day after Neymar injured his ankle in a match with the Serbian Milenkovic, the father of the Brazilian player protested against the amount of fouls suffered by his son. The attitude contributes to the infantilization of the image of the star of the national team.

Neymar is 30 years old, but is still called Menino Ney by many people. The pejorative nickname has to do with interventions made by his father, such as the complaint after the injury on his debut in the 2022 World Cup.

“A hard foul, a disproportionate tackle and everything could end in advance. My son suffered nine fouls in his debut for the national team and, in one of them, he was injured. I don’t want to and won’t discuss it. I’ll leave it to you to analyze”, says an excerpt from the Neymar dad’s post on Instagram.

It is true that the number of offenses committed against the PSG athlete was high. But good players have been hunted on the field since football was invented.

And fouls are provided for in the rules of football. It is up to the judge to punish with a yellow or red card anyone who exaggerates.

The most important thing is that Neymar is an adult who doesn’t need his father to speak for him.

When he talks about his son in the post about the injury, the older Neymar acts as if he is defending a defenseless child.

The number 10 of the selection is an adult, owner of a successful career, is a father, carries many responsibilities on his shoulders and knows how to use social networks to defend himself. The player himself expressed himself on Instagram on the subject with a message that ended like this: “A long time waiting for the enemy to take me down like that? Never!”.

When the father “screams” for him, it helps build the image of a spoiled child that some Brazilians have of their son.

As there was no need for this overprotective attitude, the initiative of “Nei pai” has the potential to generate more antipathy towards his son.

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