Pilots declare emergency after Embraer 175 has ‘trim’ failure at the beginning of the flight; listen up

Embraer Airplane – Purely illustrative image – Source: pixabay

A problem with an Embraer 175 plane in the initial minutes of the flight led the pilots to declare an emergency and choose to return to the airport of origin, where they landed about 12 minutes after takeoff, as can be seen in the audio of the communications, shown below.

The moment can be heard in the following recording, published by the channel “You can see ATC” on YouTube, exactly from 1 minute and 6 seconds into the video🇧🇷

The incident in the video above, reported by The Aviation Herald, occurred last Monday, November 21, with the E175 registered under registration N603CZ, operated by the regional airline Skywest on behalf of Delta Airlines.

The plane was carrying out flight DL-3700, which departed from Newark airport to Minneapolis airport, both in the USA, with 81 people on board, and was crossing about 3,700 feet (1,127 meters) of altitude after 3 minutes from takeoff from runway 22R, when the pilots declared an emergency.

As seen in the video, one of the pilots reports that they were declaring an emergency at that moment because they had a “pitch trim runaway” type failure, and requested a return to Newark airport.

“Pitch trim” is the trim of the aircraft’s elevator. Simply put, it’s an extra adjustment of the position of the tail’s horizontal moving surface. The elevator controls the lift or lowering of the plane’s nose as the pilot pulls or pushes the stick in the cockpit, while the trim tab provides extra adjustment for the pilot to set a fixed elevator position without having to actuate the stick.

“Pitch trim runaway” is the situation where there is a failure in this system, causing the trim adjustment to go beyond the ideal setting and continue to increase without control, generating unwanted nose-up or nose-down behavior. In this failure, pilots usually need to deactivate the system and continue flying without it.

Data and flight trajectory of the incident – ​​Image: RadarBox

The aircraft was positioned to approach Newark runway 22L, authorized to land on runway 22L, but, as also heard in the video above, when already established on the final approach, the air traffic controller requested that they deviate to runway 22R, parallel and right next to it, due to the separation in relation to the previous landing aircraft being very tight.

The aircraft landed safely on runway 22R about 12 minutes after departure, and remains out of operation until the publication of this article, 6 days after the incident.

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