Players decide to shield Neymar, who is fighting to return to the Cup. Raphinha goes too far. And attacks Internet users – Prisma

Doha, Qatar

The national team players decided to shield Neymar.

Dedicate the standings for the knockout games to him.

Defend him from any charge, attack, especially now, injured.

With torn right ankle ligaments.

The team’s doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, avoids giving the degree of the injury. Mild ankle sprains are grade 1.

Grade 2, which everything indicates must be Neymar’s, occurs when there is partial tearing of the ligaments. With swelling, pain and difficulty to support the foot on the floor. And, above all, run changing direction, that is, dribbling.

Usually grade two takes between ten and fifteen days to heal. Treatment is immobilization with a boot. The return depends on the organism. Ice will take away the swelling, but the ligaments will regenerate if they are not forced.

In order not to lose shape, Neymar is being forced to do exercises with his right foot completely blocked by a boot. Options are water exercises. Or using a special bike, with your hands. But he cannot stand still because he would lose conditioning.

Neymar is dedicating himself to training while his leg is immobilized.

Teammates are touched by Neymar’s “sacrifice” to compete in the World Cup.

In addition to giving strength to the player, they defend him as they can.

And Raphinha was revolted by the attacks by Internet users on the number 10 shirt of the selection. Going the way that the Brazilian team does not need the player.

The Barcelona player decided to share, divide, spread a post on the internet. Favorable to Neymar, but very offensive.

“Argentina fans treat Messi like a god.

“Portugal fans treat Cristiano Ronaldo as a King.

“Brazilian fans cheer for Neymar to break his leg.

“How sad it is, the biggest mistake of Neymar’s career is being born Brazilian.

“This country does not deserve your talent and your football.”

In her anxiety to defend Neymar, Raphinha ended up offending all Brazilians.

Since yesterday, netizens decided to question the player for the attack.

Let people hope that Neymar breaks his leg.

Or if he even defends that the number 10 of the selection is treated like God or King.

But Raphinha was silent.

In their social networks, messages began to be censored.

Completely unnecessary situation.

And that only exposed him, in addition to disturbing the image of the injured player.

There is a lack of guidance from businessmen, agents, press agents.

Meanwhile, Neymar exercises.

He dreams of returning in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

The ideal treatment for grade 2 sprains is immobilization for up to 15 days.

As he was injured on the 24th of November, he would return, in theory, on the 9th of December.

That is, only for the quarterfinals.

I wouldn’t even be able to play the round of 16…

See how Neymar’s ankle looked after Brazil’s World Cup debut

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