Portal lists Fluminense’s next steps after Mario Bittencourt’s re-election

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Re-elected for the 2023-2025 period, Mário Bittencourt will again be president of Fluminense for the next three years and GE portal already projects the next steps in the club, from the search for reinforcements, to investments, renewals and signings🇧🇷 Check out:

stipulate budget

Before going on the market, Fluminense will need to define the financial guidelines for football in 2023. For example, the squad’s payroll, which is currently around R$ 6.5 million, could increase by 20% to 30%. Mário has already said in interviews that he does not work with a player salary cap, but a payroll cap, which is why it is necessary to establish the limit value available for assembling the squad.

seek reinforcements

Until now, the club only had names monitored in the market, such as left-back Reinaldo, who is leaving São Paulo. But no negotiations had yet opened due to the focus on the elections. Now, in the next few days, Mário will have a meeting with Diniz, the executive director of football, Paulo Angioni, and the club’s scout department to define the targets and move forward. The idea is to make three to four signings to qualify the team more and seek the unprecedented Libertadores title.

Carry out renovations

Before going to the market, the priority was to extend the contracts of key players in the current squad, as promised to Diniz. So far, only Cano has signed his renewal, but others are well underway, such as André and Ganso. Manoel, Nino and Arias also received proposals to extend their contracts and earn a salary adjustment, but have not yet responded – only the first is at the end of his contract. After the election, the idea is to reestablish the negotiations to carry out the renewals.

Define loan status

Of the players who were loaned to Fluminense, left-back Pineida returns to Barcelona de Guayaquil, Ecuador. Nathan, on the other hand, pleases Diniz, but has a very high purchase option of € 5 million euros (R$ 27.8 million at the current exchange rate) and Flu will try a new loan, but for that he will need to convince Atlético-MG to accept . Among those who were loaned to other clubs, Gabriel Teixeira has a chance of returning, as Grêmio has not yet sought out Fluminense to buy him. And midfielder Caio Vinícius, who was at Goiás, is of interest to Internacional. Midfielder Nascimento, who was at Náutico, can join the sub-23 team or be re-loaned.

looking for investor

Next Wednesday, Mário will have a new meeting with Banco BTG to go to the market in search of investors. After the theoretical part with the study of the bank, Fluminense has three business models, among them the famous SAF (Autonomous Football Society), but the board’s preference is not to sell control of the club. In a press conference after being re-elected, Mário cited as an example Palmeiras with “Crefisa” and Atlético-MG with the Menin Family.

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