Remember the best moments of the first week of the World Cup in Qatar

THE World Cup 2022 completed a week of life – and we have already experienced high moments in these last seven days, see? Below, you can check out the main events that marked the first week of the Qatar World Cup.

1. Women refereed the Cup for the first time

Yoshimi Yamashita and Brazilian Neuza Back on the pitch
Yoshimi Yamashita and Brazilian Neuza Back on the pitch Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

In 92 years of history, it is the first time that female referees have been appointed by FIFA to referee the World Cup matches – and precisely in Qatar, a country in the Middle East known for its misogynistic, sexist and segregatory laws.

the french Stephanie Frappartthe Rwandan Salima Mukansanga and japanese Yoshimi Yamashita are part of the select group of 36 main referees, and the Brazilian Neuza Backthe mexican Karen Diaz Medina and the american Kathryn Nesbitt act as field assistants.

FIFA said that they are all there on merit, for their successful career and for their high-level performances.

2. For the first time, we had a black referee on the field

Salima Mukansanga refereeing Denmark v Tunisia
Salima Mukansanga refereeing Denmark v Tunisia Ulrik Pedersen/DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Born in Rwanda, Salima Mukansanga, 34 years old, became the first black woman on the African continent to referee a World Cup🇧🇷

According to FIFA, in her preparatory tests, she was the fastest referee of the entire team, between men and women.

3. Renata Silveira became the first woman to narrate a World Cup game on open TV

Another historical fact that occurred during the opening week of the World Cup in Qatar! The 31-year-old Brazilian narrated the match between Denmark and Tunisia on TV Globo and was highly praised for her performance.

4. Commentator of BBC defied Qatari law and wore the armband OneLove Live

The item, which would be used by team captains, was vetoed by FIFA because of Sharia, Islamic law that governs Qatar and criminalizes homosexual practice. However, Alex Scott, former soccer player and commentator for BBCwore the armband liveas a form of protest.

5. Selections made protests against racism and LGBTphobia

Harry Kane wearing written banner
Harry Kane wearing ‘no discrimination’ banner during England v USA game Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images

In his debut game, England players kneel on the pitch, before the match started, to protest discrimination. In place of the prohibited clamp OneLoveThe captain Harry Kane wore a black belt with the words “no discrimination”.

Who also took a stand against discrimination was the selection of Germany. At the premiere, during the official FIFA photo, the team’s holders covered their mouths in protest against the confederation’s veto🇧🇷 “Denying us the armband is the same as denying us our voice,” said Captain Manuel Nuerwho wore a rainbow-colored boot on the field, also as a form of protest against LGBTphobia.

6. Iranians booed and cried to the sound of the country’s national anthem

Iranian stadium protests against the death of Mahsa Amini and in support of women's freedom;  they were framed by the police in the aftermath
Iranian couple protest in stadium against the death of Mahsa Amini and in favor of women’s freedom; they were framed by the police in the aftermath Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
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Iran’s first game in the Cup was against England and, despite losing 6-2, the country did well – in the stands, at least.

part of the crowd booed the country’s national anthem as a protest against sexist laws who rule Iran. There, for example, women cannot go to football stadiums.

The cry of a fan also symbolized the difficulty of being female in the country, which recently killed the young woman. Mahsa Amini, who, according to the “Morality Patrol”, was not wearing the hijab correctly, leaving a lock of hair on display. Remember the case here.

7. Richarlison scored the most beautiful goal in the world so far

It’s from Brazil, sil, sil! In its opening match, the team won 2-0 against Serbia, with two goals from Richarlison, being a board!

We hope for other great goals to happen in the tournament, but honestly?! Pigeon’s is definitely a strong candidate to be the most beautiful of all. What a painting!

8. Saudi Arabia fans marched in support of the team

Excited! After the upset and victory against Argentina, the Saudi Arabia fans organized a party towards the team’s second game, against Poland. There was a giant shirt and even a trojan horse🇧🇷

9. Jung Kook sang dreamers at the opening of the Cup

The whole opening of the World Cup is exciting, right? And this time, it was even more for BTS fans, who could check it out Jung Kook singing dreamers Live🇧🇷 Too beautiful!

So, which of these moments was the most memorable for you? What else would you add to the list?

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