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The waiting time was very long, but, in November 2022the writer’s fans Carina Rissi have nothing to complain about. Two weeks ago we were contemplated with the premiere, in the HBO Maxfrom the first season of ‘in the world of the moon‘, the first adaptation of one of the best-selling author’s books. And now, just a fortnight later, fans get the premiere of the long-awaited film ‘Wanted‘, second adaptation of one of the author’s books and which is now available to subscribers of the platform.

alicia 🇧🇷Camila Queiroz, in his first film as a protagonist, and very comfortable in that place, which seems natural to him) does not want any responsibility. She loves to enjoy party nights with her best friend, Mary 🇧🇷Noemia Oliveira), and, early in the morning, she sneaks back home, where she lives with her grandfather, who owns a large cosmetics company. When, suddenly, your grandfather passes away, alicia she sees herself alone in the world and obliged to have responsibilities, as the will left is clear: for Alicia to receive her entire inheritance, she must marry, in order to demonstrate maturity. Disgusted with her grandfather’s machismo, the young woman decides to show that she can win in the world alone, even if it means asking for a job in her grandfather’s own company and engaging in a pretend engagement with max 🇧🇷Klebber Toledo), an employee of the conglomerate and a former friend of his grandfather.

Inspired by the book ‘Looking for a Husband‘, the production’s challenge in adapting a romance 500 pages in an hour and a half movie. This forces many choices and adaptations to be made in favor of the dynamism of the plot, and this does not always work, especially for those who have not read the story. The biggest damage is in the romantic relationship of the protagonists, which should be something like the movie ‘The proposal‘ but which is sped up to fit the length of the film and, therefore, does not gain much depth, so that the characters’ choices must be accepted by the viewer. Another aspect that suffers is their motivation: if, on the one hand, alicia wants to marry to receive the inheritance, max wants some money to carry out a certain personal procedure. Neither is resolved, which ends up invalidating the actions of both.

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The screenplay written by Carina Rissi builds a delightful relationship of friendship between alicia and Mary, with so much complicity and jokes, that any girl will identify. On top of that, we have the super natural performances of Camila Queiroz and Noemia Oliveira, who, with so much sorority and intimacy, makes the big screen shine every time they act together accompanied by a handsome guy on stage. It is the scenes of the two that, from the beginning, charm the viewer with good humor, just like Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy🇧🇷

Directed by Marcelo Antunez🇧🇷Wanted‘ is romantic comedy tasty and entertaining, focused on the outdated concept of marriage as a solution for women’s lives, thus seeking to convey the message of independence, despite the love relationship between the protagonists. But it is the comedy tone between the friends that gives the film its brilliance, showing the importance of friendship between girls for the individual progress of each one of them. Since the target audience is young adults, it’s a good message.

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