Son of Paquetá will end up in hospital in Qatar, but mother reassures: “microlesion in the arm”

Youngest son of Paquetá, from the Brazilian national team, little Filippo, 1 and a half years old, gave his mother, Duda Fournier, a fright, this Saturday night, in Qatar. The boy, who is in the country with his family to accompany his father to the World Cup, suffered a small accident and ended up in the hospital.

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In social media posts, Filippo’s mother reported that she had to take her son to the hospital after the child fell off the couch. Doctors found a “microlesion” on his left arm, according to Duda.

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“We were sitting on the sofa watching TV and, out of nowhere, in a matter of seconds, Filippo put his head down and turned around. He fell off the sofa. I took him, I started touching his whole body to see if everything was okay and I realized that he wasn’t moving his right arm. Then I preferred to take him to the hospital, I really wanted to know what had happened. When we got there, we waited a long time, I think about two hours, and then they did the X-ray”, said the woman wearing the number 7 shirt of the Brazilian team.

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“Thank God, we saw that it was a micro-lesion in a small part of his arm, which is even a cartilage. He’s sore, mostly from the trauma of hitting him. It has already calmed my heart… Emotions”, concluded Filippo’s mother.

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According to Duda Fournier, Paquetá was not informed about the accident at the time “so as not to worry him”. The boy had his arm bandaged. Hours after the scare, the wife of the Brazilian midfielder made a new publication on social networks, saying that she showed a photo of Paquetá with a bandaged hand to reassure her son. “He was all happy,” she said.

Woman from Paquetá says she used a photo of the star player with a bandaged hand to reassure her son Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Filippo has an older brother, Benício, who is 2 years old. Before the debut of the Brazilian team in the Cup, Lucas Paquetá’s children drew attention by making the number 7 leave training for a few moments to calm the little ones, who were crying in the stands, in Qatar.

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Paquetá’s family is staying in a condominium on The Pearl, an artificial island in Qatar that is shaped like pearls, where an apartment costs around R$ 200,000 a month.

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Paquetá and the Brazilian team take the field this Monday, against the Swiss team. The two teams won in their debut games in the World Cup and face off for the leadership of Group H of the World Cup.

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