The attitude of an Arab fan that made Tite emotional at a press conference for the Brazilian team

Tite reported an episode that happened to his grandson on the way out of the game between Brazil and Serbia in the World Cup in Qatar

O coach Tite got emotional at the press conference Brazilian Team this Sunday (27), the eve of the match against SwitzerlandMonday, at 1 pm (Brasília time), at Estádio 974.

The coach, in expressing his solidarity after the attack on two schools in Aracruz, Espírito Santos, which left four people dead and 13 injured, reported an episode that happened with his family at Lusail Stadiumafter Brazil won 2-0 against Serbialast Friday.

“Sport provides beautiful things. For younger people, in educational terms, it brings this. My family was coming back from the game, and until I get to the subway, it’s far. I have two grandchildren, heavyweights. One sleeping over here, another over there, and Lucca is heavy”started.

Lucca is feldest son of Matheus Bachi, who, in addition to being Tite’s son, is also an assistant to the technical commission in Brazil at the Worldcup. Today he is five years old.

“An Arab came and asked to help,” continued Tite, making a pause to contain the cry🇧🇷 “Took my grandson and carried it for a while. And there’s a picture of him taking it. I would like to know Arabic. It shows a sense of solidarity”he added.

“Of course we have to come to win, but some things transcend. Making it a bond of fraternization, of respect. It’s part of it”, he concluded.

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