The Boys & Jensen Ackles’ New Show Joke About Star’s Angry Fanbase

Jensen Ackles’ new series Big Sky: Deadly Trails teases The Boys about how intense the Supernatural star’s social media fan base can be.

Jensen Ackles’ next project big sky took to Twitter to play with his current series The boys about the actor’s intense fan base. Ackles is best known for playing the role of Dean Winchester on Supernatural, the monster-hunting CW series that ran for 15 seasons and a total of 327 episodes. That series ended in 2020, leaving the star free to pursue other projects. Despite continuing to work with The CW, producing and narrating the Supernatural prequel The Winchestershis biggest post-Dean role to date was the mocking parody version of Captain America known as Soldier Boy in The boys session 3.

While it remains unclear whether he will return to the role for the next The boys Season 4, Ackles teased his next major role when he made his first appearance as Sheriff Beau Arlen on big sky season two finale on May 19, 2022. The show by David E. Kelley, based on the CJ Box series of novels The road, follows a series of kidnappings that take two women (played by Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury) deep into the criminal underworld of Lewis and Clark County in Montana. Ackles’ character, who took over as temporary sheriff, is set to have a season-long arc as a regular in season three, titled Big Sky: Deadly Trails and premieres September 21, 2022 on ABC.

This week the official big sky The Twitter account made a post gently poking fun at Ackles’ intense fan base. The caption reads “We: Post literally anything about Beau Arlen; Jensen Ackles Fans:” accompanied by a gif of Ackles saying “I like it🇧🇷 One fan responded saying that they should see how Ackles fans handled his appearance on The boysand big sky confirmed that they are sharing notes with staff at The boys🇧🇷 Never one to be left out, the official Twitter account for The boys chimed in, sharing a photo of Ackles and a pen. Check out the original Tweet thread below:

The boys is known for his irreverent Twitter presence, and it looks like Ackles’ new on-screen home is giving him the same sensibility. They’re clearly relishing the opportunity to feature the star in their upcoming season. While they’ve added a number of interesting stars since Season 1, including Entourageby Constance Zimmer and the CO‘s Logan Marshall-Green, it’s more or less impossible to compete with the fan base that has starred in a popular genre series like Supernatural for more than a decade can accumulate.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the actual content of the Big Sky: Deadly Trails can deliver what Ackles fans are hungry for. The boys is a fun sci-fi series, which was a much smaller leap forward for Ackles after Supernatural🇧🇷 big sky is a more sober crime drama, which may not appeal to those hoping for the second coming of Dean Winchester.

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