they can cause a LOT of confusion

The emojis found on Facebook, Instagram and especially on WhatsApp leave conversations with a little more feeling and emotion. The problem is when they are misused. Some stickers can have double meanings, so your friends might misunderstand your message. See how to avoid mistakes.

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There are three emojis that, at first, seem cool, but in the end they can lead to a lot of confusion and crooked conversation. You’ve certainly already used one of them during your paos without noticing that it wasn’t the best option for the moment. The number of stickers, gifs, emoticons and other app features is so huge that it’s normal to get confused.

Emojis: Your friends can misinterpret your message

Their idea is to bring more emotion and fun to the conversations and complete the subjects with an extra dose of expression. They are always welcome, as long as they are used in the right context, aren’t they?

Otherwise, your friends may interpret your message in a totally different way. All because of the use of these emojis. See below which ones should be avoided and understand the reasons.

thumb up: is used a lot in Whatsapp to indicate that you agree with someone. But for younger people, this emoji indicates that you are being rude or adopting a conversation in a provocative or aggressive tone. It’s like indicating that you know more than they do. It may seem that you don’t accept opinions and have ended the conversation.

dizzy face: also very common, it can indicate that you are upset about something. If not, he is still capable of showing insecurity and even drunkenness. You didn’t expect this one, right? The real meaning is quite different. It should be used when you want to show that you are satisfied or in love.

angel emoji: For some people, this emoji indicates insecurity and that you don’t want to take on too many responsibilities. There are those who do not agree at all with this explanation. Despite this, some experts on the subject guarantee that its use can lead to many confusing interpretations. Watch out!

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