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Web browsers can consume significant amounts of RAM and require a lot of machine processing, which can end up compromising PC performance in games or other more complex tasks. However, some browsers aimed at gamers, such as Opera GX, are optimized to solve this problem. They have features such as RAM consumption limiters and ad blockers, in addition to having different interface customization options. Next, the TechAll prepared a list of three browsers that every gamer should try.

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Opera GX has the same base as Chrome, but comes with more features — Photo: Filipe Garrett/TechTudo

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Opera GX is a gamer-oriented version of Opera. With a modern look, it provides, for example, RAM memory control options, to cause less crashes in games, and shortcuts for platforms such as Twitch and Discord, which facilitates communication between players. The browser also has a native ad blocker, avoiding invasive advertisements on streaming platforms.

Opera GX’s home screen has a modern design — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriel Pereira

In addition, this version of Opera stands out for its GX Corner, a space with several light games that can be accessed directly through the browser. Gamers can also count on a VPN network that can be activated at any time in the area of ​​privacy and security.

Once installed, Opera GX offers some customization options, such as changing the interface theme and adding or removing shortcut icons for streaming platforms. As for the sound, the browser provides different alternatives of sound effects played on clicks and while the user types, in addition to having a library of songs that play in the background.

GX Corner is an area dedicated entirely to the gamer audience — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriel Pereira

Overall, Opera GX is useful for those looking for fast navigation and accessing platforms that require a lot of computer processing. In addition, the style of the browser is ideal for gamers who want practicality. The browser is available for Windows, Android and IOS.

Vivaldi Browser is also a highly customizable browser, with three distinct usage modes. The first is the “essential”, which, in addition to providing basic browsing features, also has an ad blocker. Another option is the “classic” mode, with an ad and tracker blocker, a status bar that displays browser performance, and a panel with quick shortcuts. The third mode is “fully loaded” which, in addition to the tools mentioned in the “classic” mode, also gives access to the browser’s email service, “Vivaldi Mail”.

Vivaldi has three modes of use — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriel Pereira

The browser interface is minimalist and can be changed at any time. The software allows the user to add mouse and keyboard shortcuts to optimize usage and speed up navigation. Vivaldi also has a distinctive tab manager, which gives you the freedom to work with up to four tabs simultaneously — ideal for users who livestream, record tutorials, or have an intense workflow.

For gamers, the browser does not hinder the performance of games or the execution of heavy programs, since the low consumption of RAM memory makes it lightweight and prevents crashes. In addition, the software blocks intrusive ads that can disrupt gameplay viewers. The browser is available for Android, Windows 7 and later, and OS X and later.

Brave Browser is a fast and lightweight browser built with Chromium, same source code as Chrome. Despite not being entirely aimed at gamers, Brave has a RAM memory limiter that reduces lag in heavy games without affecting performance.

Focused on privacy, Brave uses the Tor network to ensure anonymity to users. In addition, it also offers DuckDuckGo private search engine as one of the default search engine options. The browser also has its own cryptocurrency wallet, which can be registered in NFT games or on metaverse platforms. As the wallet is integrated into the browser, possible transactions with cryptoassets are facilitated.

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriel Pereira

Low machine processing utilization in loading ads and pop-ups makes Brave a good choice for speed-seeking users. The program promises good performance on platforms like Twitch or Discord, in addition to not affecting game performance. The browser is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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