Tite takes the blame for not seeing Neymar’s injury and not saving a replacement for Danilo: ‘I made a mistake’

Tite accepted the error and praised Neymar and Danilo for remaining on the field even after being injured in the World Cup

Tite praised the posture that Neymar and Danilo had when they remained on the field even after being injured in the victory over Serbia at world Cup🇧🇷 The technician, on the other hand, took the blame for not having seen the problem with the number 10 and not having saved a replacement for the full-back.

“I made a mistake. I had to have one more substitution to make. Danilo, like Neymar, had great capacity for the team. It transcends the professional. I’m not talking about winning, it’s solidarity, companionship. Neymar, when he plays the first goal, he was hurt, I didn’t see it. We make mistakes. And with Danilo, I had to have one more replacement”, said the coach.

“Public recognition remains for both of them. I spoke to them. This is very big, it goes beyond winning, going 1, 2 to 0. That rewards Adenor”, he added, in a press conference this Sunday, the eve of the match against SwitzerlandMonday, at 1pm (Brasília time).

Neymar was on the field for about 11 minutes after suffering the injury in bid with Nikola Mladenovic. Already Danilo ended the game in sacrifice, since Brazil had made its five exchanges.

🇧🇷He (Neymar) was injured, I didn’t see that he was injured, we didn’t have that information, I didn’t notice🇧🇷 The information didn’t come, it didn’t come, he tried to follow it, until he fell and reported it. At that moment, he was able to continue for the team, to participate in the goals”, said Tite, without blaming his rival for the ligament injury in his left ankle caused by a tackle.

“I didn’t see that he was there for 11 minutes that he had already suffered an impact. It wasn’t mean, accidental, from the game. There was another move, a frontal foul, hard. But the one with the injury was circumstantial.”

Neymar is out of the match against Switzerland and, according to ESPN, also against Cameroon at the end of the group stage. Danilo is in the same situation. They work with physiotherapy of the Brazilian team in an attempt to return in possible knockout games in Qatar.

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