Vascaínos defend the Club after ESPN’s survey of the most famous teams in Qatar: “The greatest of all…”


Cruzmaltino occupies an unusual place among the best known Brazilian clubs in the World Cup

Agif/Thiago Ribeiro - Nenê celebrates with Vasco fans
Agif/Thiago Ribeiro – Nenê celebrates with Vasco fans

In 2022, Vasco fans celebrated what could be the Club’s great turn towards the glorious years. The arrival of 777 Partners is seen among Cruzmaltinos as the chance to play again in the big tournaments in Brazil and around the world🇧🇷 Even during years of mishaps, the huge crowd was always supporting the São Januário team. A characteristic that began to change in the team that bears the name of the former Portuguese is the number of representatives in the World Cup. There is 24 years that a Basque player won’t go to the World Cup.

The last Vasco player called up for a World Cup was in 1998, when the goalkeeper Carlos Germano was runner-up in France. The edition with the most Cruzmaltinos in Brazil was in 1950, when the World Cup was held in the land of the Giant and had eight representatives🇧🇷 After 72 years of Maracanazzo, ESPN conducted a survey to find out who they are the most famous Brazilian teams among foreigners through the streets of Qatar. However, the position of the team from Rio was not the best.

In all, 32 people from various parts of the world were heard, with each fan citing three Brazilian teams he knew. Vasco ended up not receiving any votes, being left out of the list, as well as Grêmio. The ranking was led by Flamengo, with 24 mentions, by Corinthians, with 14, and by Santos, with 13. Despite not having a memory on the streets, Clube Carioca was indicated by the production after the result, which caused uproar on part of the Basque people🇧🇷

Gigante’s fans didn’t let go of what they saw as a mockery. One even said that Vasco “is the greatest of all”, for being remembered by the broadcaster, even without citations. Despite the ranking not being a claim for the team, perhaps some factors that help clubs to promote themselves in these surveys are of interest to Cruzmaltino. Back among the elite of national football, the Club dreams of come back playing cups in Sul-Americana and winning international awards🇧🇷

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