Vítor Pereira’s attitude irritates Corinthians management and consolidates resistance by foreigners

The board of Corinthians was taken by surprise with the information that the coach Vítor Pereira is on his way with Flamengo🇧🇷 Even, according to sources heard by the report, president Duílio Monteiro Alves would be shaken by the situation. The Corinthian representative created a friendly relationship with the Portuguese coach and has felt personally betrayed.

Timão tried for more than a month to renew Vítor Pereira’s contract. The professional even spoke internally and publicly several times that he wanted to stay, but that he had family issues that prevented him. Finally, the decision was made to leave, with ‘vows of love’ to the Parque São Jorge club and the guarantee that he would return to Portugal only because he needed to be close to his family and overcome his problems.

However, 13 days passed and Vítor did not return to Europe. Shortly after the last round of the Brasileirão, on November 13, Pereira’s family arrived in Brazil. They stayed a few days in São Paulo and then went to a resort in Bahia. There, Flamengo’s vice president of football, Marcos Braz, stayed for the last few days to tie the ‘finally’ with the coach.

The club from Rio made it clear that it will provide all the conditions for Vítor Pereira to bring his family to Brazil, something that was also offered by Corinthians, but discarded with the justification that the coach’s mother-in-law had a serious health problem, which would make it impossible for him to displacement.

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Between Timão and Vítor Pereira there were also some disagreements regarding the assembly of the squad for the next season. However, according to what was found by the THROW!the situation was quite manageable, and the Corinthian management was even betting on the good relationship between the parties so that these differences were resolved.

Vítor Pereira remains in northeastern Brazil, while a representative with a great openness at Flamengo, who is not the coach’s manager, resolves the financial and bureaucratic details. The Flamengo supporters would have offered a large sum of money to the Portuguese and his commission. However, there are no guarantees if the coach’s staff will be the same, because in the technical team there are professionals who want to return to Portugal.

Even so, the hiring of the technician by Rubro-Negro is well underway, leaving only the alignment of some issues, such as contract length and technical staff.

Vitor Pereira and Dorival

Vítor Pereira and Dorival Júnior decided the final of the 2022 Copa do Brasil. All the better for the coach at the time (Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol)


Since the departure of Argentine Daniel Passarella, in 2005, Corinthians has not had a gringo in charge. The writing was interrupted by the hiring of Vítor Pereira, in February of this year. In this way, the way in which the Portuguese left the Alvinegro club will double Corinthian resistance to options that are from outside Brazil.

The choice of an international name, at first, was defended only by President Duílio, who even clashed with one of his trusted men, football director Rodrigo de Andrade, some members of Cifut (Football Intelligence Center) and political allies such as former President Andrés Sanchez. Moved by the wave of success of the Portuguese in Brazil, mainly Jorge Jesus at Flamengo and Abel Ferreira at Palmeiras, the Corinthian representative wanted a coach from that school in charge of the team after Sylvinho’s dismissal.

At the end of 2021, when Sylvio was still managing Timão, the club’s management spoke with Jorge Jesus, but did not feel a connection between the parties. Vítor Pereira, then, was offered by some people close to Duílio, who was delighted with the good relationship in the first contact.

Even in the days following the departure of the coach, the Corinthians president always referred to the Portuguese with affection, also due to the personal relationship built. The coach, sometimes, even had dinner at the president’s house and always made a point of praising the Corinthians board as the best that had worked in football.

Vitor Pereira and Duílio

Vítor Pereira and Duílio had a good relationship (Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians)

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