We board the luxury ship where families of players stay in Qatar – 11/27/2022

The family of the captain of the Brazilian national team, Thiago Silva, is making a lot of noise during their stay in Doha, capital of Qatar, host of the 2022 World Cup. , Belle Silva, and the player’s nephews, cousins, mother-in-law, parents and brother-in-law have shared their routine on Instagram.

Our visited MSC World Europa a few days before the start of the competition, and closely observed the culinary, drinking and entertainment options available to the Silva family. In addition to them, relatives of Fred and Alex Telles, as well as guests of players from other teams – such as England and Argentina – are also staying at the place.

The 2,633 cabins on the ship were leased by the organization of the event, which was responsible for selling — or giving away — as it wished. The entire structure of the vessel, however, is available to guests.

The water park available to the family members of the ballers has three waterslides, one of them with virtual reality — where the adventurer can “see himself” even on a safari. The report did not use technology, thanks to reports that virtual reality made the experience of the descent even more frightening for those who are afraid of heights — which was the case.

Cruise - MSC World Europe, La Plage Pool - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

The La Plage pool on board MSC World Europa

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

Cruise - MSC World Europe, World Promenade - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

The play area has a dry slide

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

Cruise - MSC World Europe, MSC Formula Racer - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

And a Formula 1 simulator

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

This experience of descending without the glasses can be even pleasurable, even frightening, mainly because it lasts less than a minute. But the speed makes it difficult to keep your eyes open and see the beautiful view of the sea, as there is a transparent section of the device. In the end, the adrenaline is worth it.

Before and after the experience, ship’s employees explain the stages of the journey and mitigate doubts about risks (no one will get trapped, be “run over” or drown).

Jacuzzi with sunset views and poolside drinks

The wet area of ​​the ship has, in addition to water slides, seven pools. The indoor jacuzzis are located in the Botanic Garden, an extension of the main pool, covered and decorated with plants. With a retractable roof, the one on site is smaller and the favorite of children.

MSC World Europa, La Plage Pool - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

Jacuzzis are almost an extension of the main pool

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

The jacuzzis — one on each side of the garden — can overlook the open sea or the city of Doha. If the Silva family wants to enjoy a sunset in the water and boost their social networks with beautiful photos, they need to choose those facing Doha (and not the ocean): that’s where the sun sets and renders a show of colors in the sky, which contrasts with the huge buildings of the Qatari capital.

Photos with glasses of white wine (approximately R$60) or draft beer (approximately R$80) must be taken out of the water. As a precaution and to avoid accidents, it is forbidden to dive — not even for the time of a click — with objects.

World Europa structure has its own brewery - - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

World Europa structure has its own brewery

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

Can alcohol? And the rules?

In addition to alcohol consumption, another common restriction in Qatar that does not affect guests at the “floating hotel” is low-cut or short clothing.

During the period that the reporter was on the vessel, alcohol consumption did not depend on extra payments, that is, it was already included in the package.

As a result, during happy hour, waiters moved around common areas with trays of Champagne, drinks with Aperol and gin and tonics. In addition to all the offer available in the 21 bars and 13 restaurants.

World Europa structure has its own brewery - - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

The Fizz bar on board MSC World Europa: drinks allowed even under strict Qatari laws

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

As well as having a drink, bikinis, swimsuits or short shorts were also allowed.

However, the recommendations reinforced by the Qatari authorities can create “self-retaliation”: it is difficult to feel comfortable wearing such revealing clothes next to fully covered Arabs, as if there was a kind of disrespect for the local culture, even in a permitted space.

Basic food included and separate specials

Lunch and dinner are included in the prices paid for the cabins — not disclosed by the organization. Both can be done at buffets or in the main restaurants.

The menu follows MSC’s logic of prioritizing local cuisine, so there is a prevalence of dishes with a lot of spice, especially cumin and pepper, and seafood. There are no pork derivatives, such as bacon – but the “fake” option, turkey bacon, is also delicious.

Specialized restaurants, serving Japanese or Mexican food, for example, also charge separately. The ship also has a gallery that houses clothing, handbags and cosmetics stores and a spa area.

MSC World Europe, Kaito Sushi Bar - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

Kaito Sushi Bar, specializing in Japanese cuisine

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

HOLA!  Tacos & Cantina, Mexican restaurant on board an MSC cruise - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

HOLA! Tacos & Cantina, Mexican restaurant on board an MSC cruise

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

What is the difference between a floating hotel and a ship en route?

The luxury ship that houses the Silva family and other players is the MSC World Europa, inaugurated on the 13th of this month by the cruise company.

The vessel, however, will only be available for travel after the end of the World Cup. Until then, the entire structure is available to the organization of the event and its guests.

The entire operation of the ship is in charge of MSC. Indoor establishments, entertainment and food attractions also operate at full capacity — for a fee, with operation identical to when ships are en route through the seas.

The Junior Suite Aurea of ​​MSC World Europa - Ivan Sarfatti - Ivan Sarfatti

The Junior Suite Aurea on MSC World Europe

Image: Ivan Sarfatti

Cabins, in general, have a bed and a sofa — which can become a second bed — and a simple bathroom. There are units with a balcony and others with a window only. Some also lack one or the other. En route, sales values ​​vary according to these facilities.

Belle Silva, the captain’s wife, shares the same opinion as the report. Although the employees are very attentive when it is possible to find them, there are times when the information needs to be “branched” on the nail.

We don’t find anything here. Let’s stay [hoje] on the ship to find things. One thing that I noticed that is not very good on the ship is information, it’s like this: ‘be on your own’. And that’s what we’re going to do. Belle Silva on the first day at the floating hotel in Doha

This is the crucial difference between a “floating hotel” and a normal ship: there are so many attractions that you have to ask questions all the time, from which side is the cabin to where a certain store is. At this point, Belle should already be a master in the corridors of the giant World Europa.

The journalist traveled at the invitation of MSC.

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