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Before people accuse me of aversion to technology and wanting to go back to the pay phone era, I warn you right away. The data in the following paragraphs were collected by institutions such as the Universities of Toledo (Ohio) and South Carolina, the Och Column Hospital (NY) and the telecommunications company Toll Free Forwarding, all in the USA, and published in the BMJ Global magazine. Health, recognized by WHO. Serious people, as you can see.

The data refer to the impacts caused by massive adherence to certain technologies. One of them, caused by headphones, is already noticeable: cochlear synaptopathy — loss of synaptic contacts between the hair cells of the cochlea. I know, sounds like a Bulgarian stand-up joke, but it means the person is going deaf. The fault is the decibels that enter through the ears and, thanks to the headphones, can reach 112 dB (the ideal limit is 80 dB for adults and 75 dB for children). The problem isn’t the headphones, nor does it matter whether you’re listening to João Gilberto or the Rolling Stones, but the volume.

But the great villain for scientists is the smartphone, and what changes it will generate in the new generations. Among the consequences of staring at the screen all day are the extra effort that the neck muscles have to make to keep the head down, the imbalance in the spine, an irreversible hunchback and something that should worry the conceited: the double chin .

Due to the position in which they spend hours holding the smartphone, the elbow at 90 degrees can also cause ligament wear and the hand to evolve into a claw shape. And the future emergence of a second eyelid is not ruled out, to protect the eyes from the light of the device.

But those who are most subject to a serious consequence are Bolsonaristas. Because of the rubbish they swallow day and night on social media, they no longer distinguish fact from the fake news they themselves invent.

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