5 million managed to increase the Nubank limit in this way

Check out a way to get an increase in your institution limit. The method has already been approved by about 5 million users.

Fintech Nubank is a pioneer in the field of financial services, operating as a credit card operator and having operations across the country. The Brazilian startup was created in 2013 and is headquartered in São Paulo.

Customers of this bank can get an increase in their credit line more easily, using a new function offered in the application.

How to increase the credit limit on Nubank?

The application has had a function since February 2021 called “Build Limit”. It is useful for those who have not been able to approve a good limit but still want a card. Therefore, this function quickly guaranteed a limit of more than 5 million people, according to information provided by the bank itself.

The function works in a way that the user places a value in his account, which is transformed into a limit. Therefore, if the customer reserves BRL 50, he will have a limit of BRL 50 on his credit card.

It is important to remember that the reserved amount is separate from the rest found in the account. To carry out the query, simply access the “Saved money”. It is recommended that the customer does not use this amount to pay the invoice, so that it is possible to build a good track record.

The function aims to help customers who have some difficulty getting a higher limit approved by the institutions, or those looking for the first card to get a good limit later on. In addition to this function, the application itself has missions that can help customers achieve a higher limit.

How to use the function?

First, you need to access the application. Once logged in, just follow the guide below:

  • Access the “Credit Card” option;
  • Click on “Adjust limit”;
  • Go to “Reserve limit” and enter the desired amount.

Afterwards, the user just has to carry out some activities, such as always paying the invoice on time and making purchases with the credit card. Through this, the chances of getting an increase in the limit are greater.

According to Nubank, most customers who use the limit in accordance with the institution’s rules and who pay the invoice correctly and on time achieve the much-desired increase in the credit card limit more quickly, sometimes in a matter of a month.

Therefore, this is a good option to increase the limit, allowing the customer to have more purchasing power. What is always very important is that expenses are conscious, which enables evolution within Nubank.

Image: Miguel Lagoa / shutterstock.com

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