5 products that failed in the market of successful brands

The speed at which a new idea emerges on the market is impressive, but, likewise, it can also cease to exist if it does not have good support. This premise can occur with any brand, from the largest to the smallest, in the food or clothing sector, for example. Today we are going to remember some products that failed even though they were from successful brands.

5 products that did not succeed in the market

Launching new products is not easy, even more so in a competitive and consumerist market in which we have always lived. Therefore, for you to have an idea, see some cases of failure that occurred some time ago.

Colgate launches frozen foods

Evidently, the brand’s reputation in another market did not attract consumers very much because it lost the segment. Yeah, a lot of success in a segment can make any other idea in a new product to be rejected and fail.

New Coke

With Pepsi changing the flavor of their drink, this was an attempt by Coke to compete. It is one of the most well-known examples of products that failed in the marketplace. However, despite the change and the high investment in marketing, consumers protested the non-acceptance of the idea.

Pizza at McDonald’s

In the 1990s, McDonald’s introduced a more specifically targeted menu in the United States that included pizzas in an effort to increase the number of customers who frequented their restaurants in the evening. However, this idea failed and the population did not join.

Newton (Apple personal assistant)

With the success of the iPad, it’s now clear what Apple plans to do with the Newton. However, due to its average size, short battery life and flaws in the handwriting recognition system, it was unsuccessful and was listed among the failed products in the market.

BIC underwear

BIC’s idea of ​​success with products such as pens, lighters and razor blades did not have the same impact with underwear. And it was with this launch that BIC discovered that most women don’t look to buy disposable underwear, and clearly, that idea failed.

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