André Rizek comments on the controversial departures of Vítor Pereira and Dorival Júnior

O Flamengo will not continue with dorival junior in charge of the team for next season. The board of the red-black club is now looking for the controversial hiring of Victor Pereiraformer coach of Corinthians🇧🇷

The Portuguese contract ends at the end of this year with the São Paulo club and the parties have not reached a renewal agreement. In a publication on social networks, presenter André Rizek analyzed the departure of the coach from Timão and the possible deal with Flamengo.

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– Vítor Pereira made the choice that 9 out of 10 professionals, from any field, would make. At the end of a contract, look for a better job. The exception would be that professional who has some affective bond, a personal reason for refusing a better job. It was not his case – published the journalist.

The journalist also spoke about Vítor Pereira’s allegations “not liking” working in Brazil. In negotiations with Corinthians, the Portuguese claimed personal issues not to reach a renewal agreement. In this way, Rizek compares the reality of the two clubs.

– Not enjoying working in Brazil, according to the calendar, is one thing. Being in Flamengo is another. The club is in much better condition to alleviate our ills than Corinthians, and any other club around here, for now. Not to mention the chance to face Real Madrid in a World Cup final-he concluded.

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The journalist also commented on Flamengo’s side with Dorival Júnior, who also did not reach a renewal agreement. In argument, Rizek points out that it is necessary to have a deeper analysis of the work of technicians in Brazil.

– The same applies to Flamengo and Dorival. The most normal thing in the world is, at the end of a season, to evaluate the permanence of the coaching staff. It can’t just be “won is good, lost goes away” – he analyzed.

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