Casimiro becomes a headache for Globo after bombing in Qatar

When it gave up the exclusivity of broadcasting the World Cup on digital channels, Globo did not have the competitor that emerged and has been consolidating itself after a week of the World Cup in Qatar: Casimiro Miguel. The streamer, who rejects open TV in the name of his independence, saw Cazé TV break records during the transmission of Brazil’s victory against Switzerland on YouTube.

Preliminary numbers, verified during the game, show that Casimiro made the biggest online soccer broadcast in Brazil and should become the most watched live simultaneously in the history of YouTube. There were 4.85 million simultaneous viewers on the Google service, plus 331 thousand people on Twitch. According to the PlayBoard platform, the record so far was the launch of a SpaceX rocket, by Elon Musk, which gathered 4.08 million viewers in May 2020.

At the beginning of the year, the Metrópoles website reported an offer by Globo to hire Casimiro. In a recent interview with Splash columnist Lucas Pasin, the streamer said he had not had proposals from open TV, but added that, if they arrive, the offers will be rejected by him.

“Open TV asks for a different format, and mine wouldn’t fit there. This direct contact with the public is something difficult for them, they are different worlds. I don’t see it as competition, but as complementary worlds”, stated Casimiro to the UOL🇧🇷 The worlds are in fact complementary, there is still an audience for everyone — Globo had the two best ratings of the year in the selection matches — but it is certain that alternatives arise in an advertising market where there is no infinite money.

Casimiro’s decision is understandable. In addition to making history with a channel that bears his name, the streamer has managed, while maintaining his authenticity, to do something that previously only seemed possible through Globo: to broadcast great games. Before the Cup, in that year alone he made state championships and the Brasileirão on his platforms, in addition to the Copa do Brasil in partnership with Amazon Prime Video.

All this in Casimir’s way. The broadcasts have a lot of humor, both in the comments of the match itself and in the on-site report, in addition to the spontaneous and human comments that made the streamer so successful. In a nice comment, he addressed a special thanks to drivers and delivery people for apps, doctors and nurses and other categories that did not suspend work to watch the games, “but who are managing to take a peek here through the live”.

Not that Globo is playing at a standstill. The broadcaster provided live broadcasts on and Globoplay, with the momentary return of Tiago Leifert to the group’s sport. But the numbers and presence of major sponsors in Casimiro’s broadcast show that there is robust competition on the way. On the internet, in addition to Globo and Cazé TV, the games are shown on Fifa+, the federation’s streaming service. Star+, from the Disney group, acquired the rights to the games’ compacts. Those who have not paid are only entitled to segments, with a delay.

The streamer needed an agreement with LiveMode, FIFA’s partner company for digital transmissions, to make coverage viable. According to the columnist of UOL Marcel Rizzo, FIFA was looking for a face capable of representing competition for the dominance of the Globo group on digital platforms, given the fear of large streaming companies disputing public preference with the broadcaster’s platforms.

Casimiro is unique — and his results in front of the camera show it. But in the Qatar Cup, he is opening an avenue through which other content creators and companies will certainly try to travel in the coming years, even more so given the perspective of Globo no longer having exclusivity in open and closed TV from the 2026 World Cup. It remains to be seen whether they will be as successful.

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