College of technology with 100% FREE vacancies: see how to apply

Undoubtedly, one of the sectors with the most vacancies in the current job market is the area of ​​Technology. This is because such opportunities represent good salaries, a certain stability and guarantee of growth. However, not everything is flowers and it takes a lot of dedication and technical knowledge. Therefore, a college offers free courses for those who want to learn for real. Find out the details in our article below.

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XP Faculty opens vacancies in Technology

Recently, research has shown that despite the employment crisis, some opportunities arise but run into the lack of skilled labor. Of course, this is a real problem and to help combat it, College of Technology at XP Inc. it is the chance that was missing for those who dream of joining the sector and do not have their doors open.

Namely, three specifications will be made available: Analysis and systems development🇧🇷 Information systems and Data Science🇧🇷 In addition, more than 400 people will be able to graduate for free, with 50% of the vacancies destined for women and black people.

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How do the courses work?

THE XP Inc. is recognized for its great work in innovation-based investing. In this way, the focus needs to be total because the need to train good professionals grows every day and in Technology being good is not enough.

In short, the courses will be in an online format and with a variable period of time between them. For Analysis and systems developmentfor example, the classified student will study for 2 and a half years, to be considered a technologist.

For the courses of Information systems and Data Science, the duration is four years each, and graduates will be considered bachelors. Another detail is that distance classes take place live, which facilitates interactions in real time.

How to apply?

Finally, to sign up, just go to the website until January 12, 2023. Once enrolled, candidates will go through a selection process that will be divided into two stages.

In this first phase, the student will be able to choose whether he wants to carry out an evaluation of his own XP Education or if you prefer to use your notes from National High School Exam 🇧🇷And either🇧🇷 Soon after, he needs to answer a motivation questionnaire and still participate in a “minicamp” of two weeks duration. In addition, all applicants will be assessed through a behavioral and cognitive test. In the second phase, a general knowledge test (or Enem grade) will be held.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the courses are free, but registration has a participation fee of R$ 147. However, people enrolled in the Single Registration 🇧🇷CadÚnico) may receive payment exemption. People who have never taken a degree can apply, as well as professionals from anywhere in Brazil.

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