Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup

Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Neide Correa, Enédio Nasário and Cléia Nasário (Cloves Louzada)

Businesswoman Neide Correa received, last week, a very excited group in her 7ball, in Praia do Canto, to present the new showroom, inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup. Among the guests, the presence of the couple Cléia and Enédio Nasário, directors of 7ball and Montri. Check out some exclusive shots by Cloves Louzada.


The Nucleus Specialized in Oncology has just launched the podcast Saúde On, which brings several tips in the form of a hug. Each episode has the presence of oncology doctors, a psychologist, a nutritionist and a nurse who, in a simple and clear way, transform the subject into a great moment of leisure. In order not to miss any chapter, just look for Saúde On on Spotify or iTunes and save it to your favorites. Quality content and much more health!


Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Daniel Magnus, Bruno Machado, Bruno Rabelo, Ciro Andrade, Diogo Capanema and André Pereira: group of entrepreneurs from the Guarapari tourism segment, traveling to Chile, before the official start for summer 2023 in “Cidade do Sol” (Disclosure)


It will be on the 30th of November, the last live of the year 2022, which the lawyer specializing in Tax Law, João Paulo Lyra promotes on his Youtube channel. With the theme “Controversial and current issues about the tax concept of revenue”, he debates the subject with Masters and Doctors from USP and PUC/SP, among them Edison Carlos Fernandes, Carlos Daniel Neto and Fabiana Carsoni. The meeting takes place at 7 pm.


Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Singer Mariana Volker is flanked by architects Roberta Toledo, Manu Delboni and Juliana Amaral in a musical night at CASACOR ES (Thuanny Louzada)


The last edition of 2022 of Chá com Elas is scheduled for the next December 6, 2022, a women’s networking meeting, pioneer in the State, promoted by Nó de Gravata and organized by GG and Chris Bersot. The place chosen to receive the 60 businesswomen from Greater Vitória was the Sheraton Hotel, in Enseada do Suá. During the week, the column will tell news about this year-end edition.


Vanessa Frisso, a writer and actress from Espírito Santo, made the debut of “Alice”, a theatrical play of her authorship. The work promotes a debate and reflection on violence against women. “Alice” is on display until the 4th of December at the Escola de Atores de Vitória, in Praia do Canto.


Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Financial planner Caio Souza and lawyer Ricardo Brum in a recent lecture on “Wealth and Inheritance Planning: the importance and best practices”. The meeting took place in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (Disclosure)


Entrepreneurs Rogério Salume, Marcus Buaiz, ​​Marcelo Braga and Joel Jota are the creators of the event As Três Bases, which will bring together in January, in Vitória, the country’s leading specialists and current influencers to discuss the importance of a balance between health, family and work for those who want to achieve high personal and professional performance.

For the Nó de Gravata column, former swimmer and businessman in the area of ​​human development Joel Jota shared some tips for those who want to reach the top. 🇧🇷Stop wanting to be someone else, the best way to stand out is by being yourself. We need to have a reference, not wanting to be like someone“, he points out. He also explains that, to start the new year off on the right foot, it is necessary to create well-defined plans and goals. 🇧🇷Goals should be few and specific. Those who act like this achieve much more goals than those who have several. I will arrive in Vitória with a plan to inspire the participants🇧🇷


Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Márcio Merçoni, Lucia Fassarella, Raphael Paganini and Samira Soares during a meeting of the National Chamber of Store Managers (CNDL), in São Paulo (Disclosure)


Rafael Castro, director of Expansion at Aruna Energia Solar, comments on the increase in energy consumption in the summer, and how extra expenses can be avoided with the use of solar energy, as the increased use of household appliances is offset by the high incidence from the Sun at that time of year, covering the extra expenses. 🇧🇷In the summer, it is normal for the use of air conditioning and other appliances to increase in general, seeking to relieve the heat, and energy consumption increases proportionally.”, explains the professional.


Decor launch inspired by the host city of the 2022 World Cup
Luana Tose and Marshal Zorzanelli (Press Photo)

Luana Tose and Marshal Zorzanelli were recently in Gramado, where they participated in the National Meeting of Franchisees, of the shoe brand they represent in the state. The couple told the column that they will open a second store in Espírito Santo on the 7th, at Shopping Vitória.


The column wishes happiness to the dear André Gabeh, Cátia Ávila, Jandir Fraga and Ana Paula Alcântara who complete another year of life today.


Routine exams play an essential role when it comes to health, especially preventive exams for prostate cancer, which may be responsible for early detection and, in many cases, for the cure of the disease. 🇧🇷It is essential to carry out preventive examinations. Men, especially those who are 45 years old or older and are part of the risk group, need to do the PSA dosage test and digital rectal examination, for the safety of their health. It is important to highlight that patients diagnosed in the initial stage of the disease have a much greater chance of cure.”, reinforces Carolina Conopca, an oncologist at Medquimheo.

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