“Didn’t mention tactics, did you?”

The coach even drew laughter when he faced difficulties with the translation of a question in Arabic

27 november
– 09:18 am

(updated at 9:20 am)

Tite and Marquinhos during the press conference in Brazil

Tite and Marquinhos during the press conference in Brazil

Photo: Gareth Bumstead / Reuters

Despite injuries to Neymar and Danilo, Tite remains in good spirits in Qatar. In a press conference this Sunday, 27, on the eve of the duel against Switzerland, the coach provoked laughter in journalists after questioning Marquinhos after the defender ‘spent’ the Frenchman.

The defender, who has been playing in France for nine years, did not use the translator when asked in French about the strength of Switzerland, the Brazilian team’s opponent this Monday, the 28th. As he left the room, Tite joked with Maquinhos: “You You didn’t talk about tactical positioning, did you? I didn’t understand anything you said.”

In the first conference, Tite had already joked with Thiago Silva when he said that the captain of Brazil handed over Neymar’s positioning options before his debut against Serbia.

This Sunday, the coach of the national team had yet another moment of relaxation when he faced difficulties with the translator to answer a question asked in Arabic. Tite received help from several journalists until he managed to understand what the question was.

The reporter wanted to know if it was a mistake to keep Neymar injured on the pitch against Serbia: “He was injured, I didn’t see that he was injured, we didn’t have that information and I reaffirm what was done after the game. I didn’t notice that he was injured. The information did not arrive, and he tried to continue the game until the moment he fell and reported that he felt his ankle. He had already been suffering from the impact for eleven minutes, which was not malicious, it was part of the game. There was a frontal foul which was hard, which I was evaluating, but the injury was circumstantial.”

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