Do you let your cell phone charge up to 100%? Find out what happens when you do this!

It is not news to anyone that, currently, the cell It is the device most used by the population. According to data from IBGE, today more than 81% of people over 10 years old own a smartphone. Therefore, because it is widely used, it is necessary to refute some poorly established assumptions regarding the use of the charger. In this way, we brought more information on how to charge the cell phone correctly. Check it out below!

Let it charge up to 100% or not?

Leaving your cell phone fully charged can be a difficult task in everyday life, after all, there is not so much time in front of so many activities during the day. In addition, our demands always include it, which makes waiting for that full load more difficult.

However, this is a plus point! Tests point out that allowing full charging is not so good for the cell phone and its battery. Different from what we imagined, 100% does not make the battery last longer, in fact it can become addicted and discharge more easily.

Why does it happen?

The battery of today’s smartphones is made with lithium ions, that is, its useful life is separated into cycles. In this way, the battery cycles are completed when they reach 100% or when they are completely discharged, a cycle of up to 400 charges. Therefore, preventing the cycles from being completed will postpone the health of the battery.

What is the ideal percentage?

To answer this question it is necessary to understand some points, the first is that the voltage starts to grow as more charge is acquired. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a range below 100%, more precisely between 80% and 30%, so that the process requires a lower voltage, extending the useful life of the battery.

Another important factor is the way it is charged, as avoiding overheating promotes better charging conditions for the device. In this way, avoid using covers, covering with cloth or exposing it to the sun when it is being charged, it is essential not to overload the cell phone.

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