Does Nubank’s R$50 Christmas PIX exist or is it fake news?

With the end of the year approaching, many banks and fintechs take some actions to reward their customers, whether through discounts on payments, better payment methods, among others. And a benefit very recently publicized by WhatsApp is the PIX Natalino from Nubankin the amount of R$ 50.

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However, consumers need to be very careful with these messages, since the supposed PIX is, in fact, a scam involving the name of Nubank🇧🇷 Thus, if the user receives any message regarding the Christmas benefit, be aware that it is false, and it is extremely dangerous to click on the link sent and share the message with third parties.

Coup promises PIX of R$ 50

The alleged prize is being publicized on social networks, mainly through messages sent via WhatsApp. Thus, the message talks about a false Nubank promotion, which is presenting participants with a PIX of R$ 50 for those who click on the link.

In a note released to Seu Crédito Digital, Nubank’s advisory reported that it is not carrying out the Christmas campaign. Thus, scammers are taking advantage of actions taken by banks on this commemorative date to deceive consumers and steal their bank details.

How does the scam work?

The scam message has a link for the user to click, directing to a page with the colors and Nubank logo, in addition to containing false comments from Facebook users claiming that the promotion is true.

Then the user is directed to the questionnaire in four questions. However, the questionnaire is used to steal bank details from the cell phone and install several viruses on the device. At the end of the false survey, the participant is instructed to share the link via WhatsApp to other contacts.

Thus, it is extremely important that the consumer does not click on anything. In addition, the website sent by the link has the end of the URL with “.ru”. That is, this demonstrates that the domain is Russian, an artifact used by criminals to not be easily identified in Brazil.

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