Does referring friends help to increase your Nubank limit?

The limit increase at Nubank is influenced by several issues and also by the good practices that the customer has.

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The limit increase at Nubank is influenced by several issues, being a two-way street where the customer must have good financial practices and the bank, as an important part, needs to give the user an opportunity.

The roxinho makes it possible for your customers to refer friends. In the Nubank application itself (available for Android and iOS), customers can click on “Refer friends”, choose where they want to invite a friend and send the invitation link. But does this help to increase the limit of the person who referred? Know!

I referred friends, will my Nubank limit increase?

The nomination only helps to increase the limit of one person: the one who was nominated. This factor is taken into account by Nubank during the credit analysis process. Therefore, the customer who referred the friend does not get a limit increase for what he did.

As soon as a customer is approved to receive the card, roxinho projects the person’s expenses, analyzing the risk, the customer’s usage profile and even checking the score. All this to ensure that the lucky person will know how to manage expenses and will not delay payments.

What can I do to increase my Nubank limit?

However, all is not lost. Although referring friends does not help to increase the limit, the person who referred you can follow some tips that will help you to have more limit to purchase whatever product or service you want.

Therefore, the customer who does not delay the payment of the invoice, knows how to exploit the limit granted and concentrates his expenses on the Nubank card is more likely to increase his limit. In addition, the following are also important practices for achievement:

  • Pay the full amount of the charge by the due date; and
  • Keep income updated in the app.

How to request a limit increase on Nubank?

Although Nubank always analyzes the database to offer a limit increase even before the customer asks for it, the person can request the increase through the digital bank application. See the step by step below.

  • Open the application;
  • Click on “Credit Card”;
  • Tap on “Adjust limit”;
  • Select the “Ask for a raise” option;
  • Enter the desired value;
  • Click on the arrow to advance;
  • Enter the reason for the request and complete the procedure.

Image: Miguel Lagoa /

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