Echoes: Netflix series finale explained by showrunner; understand!

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Suspense plots about people who have the same appearance are classic and usually yield good plots. In Echoesfrom Netflix, we follow the identical twins Gina and Leni (played by Michelle Monaghan, from Mission Impossible 3), who like to switch lives from time to time – until one disappears.

The series finale left fans stunned, some not understanding what actually happened. But calm down, one of the showrunners of the series, Brian Yorkey, explained the end result of the plot twists – considered “careless and silly” by the specialized critic, it is worth noting: the series reached only 29% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

With seven episodes, Echoes premiered on August 19, telling the story of identical twin sisters Leni and Gina, who switch lives on their birthday every year for a year.

Gina is married to a former therapist named Charlie (Daniel Sunjata) – and they reside in Los Angeles. Leni lives in Mt. Echo, where they grew up, with her husband Jack (played by Matt Bomer, also from another thriller series: American Horror Story🇧🇷

With many twists and turns, Gina, pretending to be Leni, tries to escape the life-changing situation her sister has put her in – and the fact that Leni has been controlling her story for many years.

In the last moments of Echoes, the twins fight over the edge of a cliff and reveal troubling truths, when Gina seemingly leaps to her death – though her body is never recovered. Leni, meanwhile, flees to Australia. But there are hints that Gina is living under a new identity.

d Netflix/Playback.

In the final scene, Charlie is seen on a book tour, when a woman in disguise approaches him to ask about the “sister who killed herself”. Later, when the former therapist returns home, he finds another woman waiting for him. Much like the audience, Charlie isn’t sure which twin he’s dealing with.

Yorkey, in an interview with the website TheWrapended the suspense, sticking: the twin who appears in the reading of the book is Gina, while the twin who waits for Charlie at home is Leni.

Despite the low approval of specialized critics, the series fell in favor with the public, dethroning even sandmanbecoming the most watched series on the Netflix platform – which led to rumors of a possible 2nd season.

Among the public, approval of Echoes on Rotten Tomatoes it was slightly better than the expert critics: 41%. And you, have you watched it? Tell us what you think on social media!

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