Eduardo Bolsonaro is criticized after being caught in Qatar: ‘Enjoying life’

Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) was criticized on social media after being spotted enjoying the World Cup in Qatar with his wife, Heloísa Bolsonaro. Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) who have been carrying out coup protests against the result of the elections since October 30, complained that the politician is “enjoying life”.

“While we are in front of the barracks, for Liberty and for Brazil, he is enjoying life. That’s why I don’t have a pet politician!” wrote one person on Twitter.

On Twitter, the deputy made no publication about the competition, or about the trip to Qatar. Despite not having published images in stadiums, Eduardo’s wife appeared on Instagram wearing the same outfit at the time of transmission.

But, in addition to the criticism, the situation also became a joke for the opposition. Many people shared the images of Eduardo in Qatar to remember that, at the same time, Bolsonaristas are under sun and rain in protest over the result of the polls.

Since October 30, when the election result gave victory to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Bolsonarists have been blocking roads and protesting around barracks to question the result of the election and ask for a “federal intervention” or “military”.

“The patriot taking the rain in front of the barracks and Eduardo Bolsonaro watching the World Cup there in Qatar”, wrote a person on Twitter.

Election result. Lula defeated Bolsonaro and is elected for the third time. The PT had numerically the highest number of votes in history — the previous record was his, in 2006, with 58,295,042 votes.

This is the fifth PT election for the leadership of the country — always in the second round — and the first time that a president in office loses re-election.

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