Ellen Pompeo creates company to distribute medicine

After announcing that he will leaveá  Series cast Ellen Pompeo launched BETR Remedies, which offers over-the-counter pharmaceuticals (Getty Image)

After announcing her departure from the series, Ellen Pompeo launched BETR Remedies, which offers over-the-counter pharmaceuticals (Getty Image)

  • Ellen Pompeo Launched Company to Democratize Access to Medicines;

  • Actress left the Grey’s Anatomy series to dedicate herself to the project;

  • The idea is to donate medicine with the profit collected by the company.

In season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith is arrested after helping a child who could not afford medical treatment in the United States. From the conviction, the character begins to question the way the American health system works.

Like the character in the series, actress Ellen Pompeo also wants to help democratize access to basic rights in the country where she lives. After announcing that she will be leaving the cast of the series, the protagonist launched BETR Remedies, which offers over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

The business, founded in partnership with Livio Bisterzo and Jennifer Hoffman, aims to close the gap between unused medicines and people struggling with inadequate allocation of resources. For every box of BETR drugs sold, the company donates funds to a popular pharmacy, which covers the cost of someone’s medication for a month, according to Forbes.

“I’ve become acutely aware over the 20 years that I’ve played a doctor that there are so many inequalities in the health care system,” Pompeo said. “There is no lack of inequalities in health care. And that was a way for us to address people’s access to medicines.”

The star points out that this will not be a simple mission, since large pharmaceutical companies are not easy competition to dribble. “The lobbyists are very powerful. How to solve this problem?”.

Annually, US$ 10 billion (R$ 53.33 billion) worth of medicines are destroyed or buried in landfills, while 1 in 4 people are left without the prescriptions that could save lives.

In addition, hospitals spend US$ 3 billion (R$ 16 billion) on medicines. In the month of September, BETR contributions facilitated the donation of 75,300 prescription drugs, resulting in savings for patients estimated at over US$3.38 million (R$18.02 million).

Fans will miss Meredith Gray in the series that has now accumulated over 400 episodes. But that doesn’t mean the public won’t see the blonde figure fighting for more equality in the healthcare system. The only difference is that now she acts in real life.

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