Fan invades field and attacks goalkeeper with corner flag

The derby between Göztepe and Altay, who compete in the Turkish 1st division, was interrupted in the 22nd minute of the 1st half after a pitch invasion and an attack on goalkeeper Ozan, from Altay, this Sunday (27).

It all started when Altay fans present at the Gürsel Aksel Stadium fired fireworks at Göztepe fans, causing a stampede and injuries.

To care for the wounded, two ambulances entered the field. Taking advantage of the entrance of the vehicles, a Göztepe fan invaded the field, grabbed the pole of the corner flag and attacked goalkeeper Ozan.

The fan who hit Ozan was neutralized with the intervention of the police and later detained. Ozan passed out after the blows.

Because of the incidents, the stadium’s loudspeaker service ratified the suspension of the match, which will have its remaining time completed at a future date to be determined by the Turkish Football Association.

As the stadium was evacuated, tension continued in the changing room corridors. Players and officials from both teams started a confrontation, and the police once again had to intervene.

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