Former Globo journalist criticizes who celebrated Neymar’s injury

The journalist Janaina Xavier, who worked at Globo for 23 years, criticized leftist militants who celebrated Neymar Júnior’s injury during the first game of the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar. In the second half of the match against Serbia, which ended with the victory of “hopscotch”, the Paris Saint-Germain striker suffered a sprained right ankle.

“I heard that love is in the air… what love?”, asked Janaína, in a video published on Instagram. “When you celebrate another’s pain, it says a lot about who you are. But that’s it, right? Brazilians have mongrel syndrome. Why support a talented athlete, protagonist, winner, ace, the best we have? ‘Oh, he doesn’t even deserve to be where he is. The guy was lucky, he made money, he was successful, he dates the girls just because he scored a few goals. But, in reality, he’s a bandit, spoiled, rude, arrogant. Good are the others: Messi, Cristiano, Lewandowski.’ What is your problem?”

And it continued. “I’m talking to you, who are celebrating Neymar’s injury right now,” said Janaina. “You, who stick politics in everything. That mixes election with football. And who, because of that, applauds a professional who leaves the field crying because he didn’t vote for his candidate. You, who say it’s love, but actually inside is empty. You, who have a microphone in your hand, but lack the responsibility, balance and sobriety to deal with this power.”

Without naming names, the journalist also warned politicians who were celebrating the embezzlement of the Brazilian team. “It’s up to you, who publicly shows happiness with the injury of a guy who is wearing your country’s jersey,” she said. “That speaks volumes about your character. Unfortunately, this is the portrait of a large part of the society we live in, which ignores moral values ​​and points fingers. In the end, it exposes its own inability to evolve.”

Janaína concludes the video giving a message to Neymar. “Hey, Ney, focus on the treatment”, she advised her. “And just go, see? But, between us, go with the force of hate, because love is pulled.”

captain on scene

Midfielder Casemiro, one of the leaders of the Brazilian national team, also criticized the attitude of political activists. “It bothers me too, of course, especially against a teammate on my team”, he said, when asked about the acts practiced by the leftists. “We live in a world where there are good and bad people. From the moment that a person wishes the evil of the other, he has no education, he has no character.”

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