Former Palmeiras, ‘brother’ of Alan Kardec is free on the market and may return to Brazilian football in 2023

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The player who played for Verdão is free on the market after in common agreement terminating the contract with his former club

🇧🇷 1687BRASILEIRO A 2022, CORITIBA X ATLETICO MG – Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Despite the World Cup atmosphere, the Brazilian teams do not stop and are already keeping an eye on the ball market, the next window is in December and they will be able to paint several names. Recently, one more was added to the select list of players who may return to Brazilian football, an old friend of the Palmeiras fans will also enter this route.

The athlete stood out in the 2014 Palmeiras team, yes, that Palmeiras, even if you fans certainly don’t forget, who finished sixteenth in the Brazilian Championship, with 40 points added, lived a totally different scenario from the current one. But after all, who was present in this squad that Verdão fans must certainly remember and some names hope to forget?

This is Henrique Dourado, the player who was one of the most important players for the team that year, scorer, Dourado was marked by converting the penalty against Athletico-PR, which guaranteed the permanence of Palmeiras in Série A 2014. good reputation, in 2015, he left São Paulo for Belo Horizonte, when he was signed by Cruzeiro, where he did not have a sequence, he passed through Portuguese football, returned to Brazil in 2016 to play for Fluminense, the following year he was the top scorer of the tournament alongside by JO.

In 2018, he went through Flamengo, but was sold in 2019 to Henan in China, where he spent a short time and had another spell at Palmeiras, played only in four games and returned to the Chinese team, where he has been since then. On his social networks, Henrique announced his contract termination as a club, he who was not playing due to a suspension, after having collided with a judge in a match. With that, the player himself said that it was a decision in common agreement and he could sign with any team.

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