Globo faces unexpected competitor

The CazéTV channel, from the influencer and journalist Casimiro Miguel, renewed its record for views in a live stream on YouTube. This feat was achieved this Monday, the 28th, during the game between Brazil and Switzerland, valid for the World Cup in Qatar. The number of devices connected to the live reached the 4.35 million mark — still in the first half of the match.

In the first game of the Brazilian team in the World Cup, played against Serbia, CazéTV had already surpassed the audience of the singer Marília Mendonça in a live transmission. There were more than 3.3 million simultaneous views.

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The narrator Galvão Bueno debuted in the Qatar Cup accompanied by three commentators. They make up the cast of approximately 500 professionals involved in covering the main sporting tournament on the planet. At first glance, the investment paid off: since the 2012 Club World Cup, won by Corinthians, the station did not have that much audience.

But then came CazéTV, its biggest competitor at the time. Casimiro is not exactly a broadcast presenter; he reminds more of figures like José Luiz Datena, Fausto Silva and Milton Neves, who mix information and humor. In the match against Serbia, for example, the influencer asked – in jest – that spectators turn on the cell phones of their relatives in the liveto raise the ratings.

CazéTV’s transmission model breaks paradigms: there is the narrator-fan, the commentators-players and the reporters-humorists. The cast of commentators includes former players, such as Marcelo, formerly of Real Madrid; Denilson; Emerson; Gilberto; Junior Baiano; Edmilson; and Juninho Pernambucano, all of whom played for the Brazilian national team. On Sunday’s broadcast, ads for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s were mixed with profanity and politically incorrect banter.

You streamers Guilherme Beltrão, Bronx, Maciel, Pig and Italo Sena are also on CazéTV. They help draw audiences from different platforms such as YouTube, Google, Twitch, Amazon and Fifa+. Directly from Qatar, reporters Isabela Pagliari, André Hernan, Alexandre Oliveira, Rafael Morientes and Jackson Pinheiro, with experience in professional sports journalism, follow the matches.

The broadcasts are from LiveMode, a Brazilian company responsible for negotiating broadcasting rights and sporting events. This company mediated the departure of Casimiro from SBT and the TNT channel, earlier this year, to show the Qatar Cup. The 22 games broadcast by CazéTV were offered “for free”, according to the digital influencer. Google, Amazon and TikTok are in the group of big techs that supports CazéTV.

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