Globo will show the film No Reservations

Globo will show the romantic comedy Sem Reservations at the Afternoon Session this Monday (25). Released in 2007, the feature film stars Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson, Aaron Eckhart, Brian Obyrne, Lily Rabe, Jenny Wade and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The direction was done by Scott Hicks. The film’s budget was over 28 million USD and the amount collected at the box office was around 92 million USD.

Kate Armstrong is the head chef at the trendy 22 Bleecker Street Restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. She runs the workplace at a fast pace as she coordinates the preparation of all the fantastic meals. The chef personally showcases the food and perfection in each dish. She bullies everyone around her, including her boss Paula, who sends her to therapy. Kate hates leaving the kitchen when a customer wants to compliment her on one of her specials; however, she is ready to leave the kitchen in an instant when a customer insults her cooking.

When Kate’s sister Christine is involved in a car accident, her nine-year-old niece Zoe must move in with her. Kate is devastated by her sister’s death and with all her problems, Paula decides to hire a new chef to join the team, Nick Palmer, who is a rising star and can be the head of any restaurant he wants. Nick, however, wants to work with Kate.

The atmosphere in the kitchen is a bit chaotic, as Kate feels more and more threatened by Nick over time, due to his style of running the kitchen. Nick enjoys listening to opera while he cooks and loves to make the team laugh. And Kate finds herself strangely drawn to Nick, whose uplifting personality has not only affected her team, but also Zoe, who has come to work with Kate.

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