How to know if your crush blocked you on WhatsApp; take the test now

Blocking people on WhatsApp is more common than it seems and the feature is there for the taking. After all, there are many profiles that send spam, and this feature is necessary to deal with inconvenient people.

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However, how can I tell when the target is you? We’ll tell you what the features are so you’re knowledgeable about, but don’t be scared! Some of them may occur and even then you may not have been blocked.

What are the characteristics of a person who blocked me?

  • You don’t have any photos (it doesn’t mean that the person without a photo blocked you, they may have taken the photo or set their privacy)
  • You don’t receive the message: you know that symbol that shows that a person has received or viewed the message? With people who blocked you, there’s only one risk. We’ll bring an example: if the person doesn’t receive the message and has the profile picture, maybe they just have their phone turned off.
  • Can’t see the message: when entering a user profile Whatsapp, some phrases, music quotes or emojis may appear. People who have blocked you don’t have “messages” as blocked people cannot see them.

If you are the kind of curious person, who wants to know if the person really blocked you, you can send a message, if the above characteristics are present, you may have been removed from the contacts.

But why do some people appear to have blocked it when they really haven’t? WhatsApp privacy functions are very interesting. For example, there is an option for only people saved as a contact to be able to see your profile picture.

Likewise, there is the option to filter the “online” or “last seen” status that appears when you enter a conversation with someone. Remember: anyone can set it up however they want. To do this, just go to the settings of the Whatsapp🇧🇷

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