How VĂ­tor Pereira lost his status as the darling of Corinthians fans

How VĂ­tor Pereira lost his status as the darling of Corinthians fans

Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

Former coach of Corinthians, VĂ­tor Pereira is in negotiation with Flamengo, current champion of the Copa Libertadores of America and the Copa do Brasil. The Portuguese, who left the SĂŁo Paulo club citing family problems (including his mother-in-law’s clinical recovery), should arrive in Gávea in January.

The likelihood of VĂ­tor Pereira changing clubs bothered Corinthians fans, who passed the justifications presented by the coach for not renewing his contract with TimĂŁo. Some even suggested, in a mocking tone, that the CBF should hire the medical team responsible for the record-time recovery of the Portuguese mother-in-law to take care of Danilo and Neymar’s injuries.

Despite the second place in the Copa do Brasil and the qualification for the group stage of the 2023 Copa Libertadores, VĂ­tor Pereira’s relationship with Corinthians always seemed troubled. In May, he caused a stir when he claimed, in a response to Roger Guedes’ positioning preferences, that he would switch clubs “on the run” if called up by Liverpool.

“I also wanted to coach Liverpool, but I can’t. If you ask me, I would run to coach Liverpool. With all due respect to Corinthians, but Liverpool is Liverpool”, he said at the time ––five days later, he apologized for the comparison.

Flamengo has been trying to find a foreign coach on the market since the dismissal of Paulo Sousa. The board wanted to count on Jorge Jesus, but the veteran does not seem willing to change European football for Brazilian.

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