Indecision? Learn how to put two photos on WhatsApp profile

Those who are very indecisive have certainly found themselves taking their time choosing which photo to put on their profile. Whatsapp🇧🇷 Unfortunately, the messenger still does not provide an image editor that makes this task possible. But that doesn’t stop other platforms from helping with this process, does it?!

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If you are part of the group of people who want to learn how to put two photos on whatsapp profile, know that you can do this in a few steps. Just merge them somewhere else and upload the file to the messenger. All fast and easy. Check out how to do it below!

How to join two images to put on WhatsApp

To merge the images, you will need to have an Instagram account. The social network, also under the command of the company Meta, makes it possible to carry out these steps in a practical and uncomplicated way. Look:

  1. Access Instagram on your cell phone and go to the option to create a Story;
  2. Then go to the “Layout” tab in the left menu. The tool will allow you to join the images in a simpler way;
  3. Next, set the layout using the “split screen” icon. Then take a picture or load the camera image to fill the left and right photo slots;
  4. Adjust the position of the images and tap the “Confirm” icon, seen in the center of the screen. Observe the format of the WhatsApp profile picture when making the cut, so that the junction is well positioned;
  5. Finally, instead of publishing the Story, go to the “three dots” icon located in the upper right corner and tap “Save”. If no edits need to be made, you can now close Instagram and discard the image.

Important: To upload the photo to the WhatsApp profile, just open the messenger, go to the “Settings” tab, tap on the photo and then the “Camera” icon. In the menu, go to gallery and select the image created on Instagram. Adjust it in the indicated space and that’s it.

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