INSS template – Computer notions: check the questions!

Check ALL the details now of the INSS test with the INSS Answer Sheet – Computer Basics with AlfaCon, corrected by Professor João Paulo Orso.

Approved INSS contest for the charge of Social Security TechnicianFinally, it was done! Over time on the AlfaCon blog, you have followed all the information about the public notice and the position. It wouldn’t be any different on the day of the competition: there INSS AlfaCon template!

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INSS Template – Computer Basics: Check the questions!

Based on the previous figure, judge the following items.

41. According to the excerpt highlighted in the address bar shown in figure
in question (padlock followed by https://), it is correct to say that the page
in question is part of the JNSS intranel, accessible only through a password,
as indicated by the padlock symbol to the left of the address.

Answer: And

42. Cookies, mentioned in the text of the presented figure, can save users’ settings in a file stored on these users’ computers.

Answer: C

In the worksheet shown in the figure on the side, which represents a set of cells
in MS Excel 365, the following sequence of actions was performed:

• all cells shown have been selected;
• the Remove Duplicates option was selected;
• selected all columns in the Remove Duplicates dialog and then clicked the OK button. In this hypothetical situation,

43. No line in the worksheet has been deleted.

Answer: C

Judge the next items about Windows 10 and information security.

44. The BitLocker resource, an encryption tool present in Windows IO, allows the user to protect the privacy of his data.

Answer: C

45. Phishing is a type of invasion through the use of malicious software that makes the data stored in the invaded equipment inaccessible, usually
using cryptography, in which the attacker demands a ransom payment
to re-establish user access to the affected data.

Answer: And

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