iPhones, Alexas and Air Fryers at DISCOUNT after Black Friday

The official day of Black Friday 2022 was on the 25th of November. The date was marked by several promotions in physical stores and also online. However, those who missed the opportunity to purchase a product that they really wanted on that day may still have the chance to make the purchase.

That’s because several products are available with Black Friday prices. Among them are: iPhones, smartphones in general, air fryer, robot vacuum cleaner and Echo Dot, popularly known as Alexa. All products can be purchased on the Amazon website, through the link https://www.amazon.com.br/🇧🇷 Check out which offers are available even after the Black.

Discounts continue even after Black Friday Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

iPhone 11 (128 GB)

The Apple device is being sold with a 10% discount. Before it cost BRL 3,789 and with the discount it is sold for BRL 3,399. The iPhone 11 has protection against water and has several color options, such as white, lilac, green, red and black.

The cameras of this model are an attractive part, with emphasis on videos. There is consistency for those who are recording, providing great stabilization, colors, sharpness, among other features. The processor is the A13 Bionic and has 4GB of RAM, even without closing any app.

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W90 robot vacuum cleaner – WAP

Before, the device cost R$ 549 and now it can be purchased for R$ 349.90, which represents a 36% discount. The WAP Robot W90, or robot vacuum cleaner, has anti-impact and anti-drop sensors. That is, you don’t have to worry about the device.

There are three cleaning modes available. This helps determine the required configuration for each room in the house. The robot is capable of taking a random direction, going around corners, among other movements. It is 8 cm high. With it, you can clean under the furniture as well.

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Echo Dot 3rd and 4th generation

Both handsets can be purchased for 38% off. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is being sold for BRL 179.10, while the more advanced model costs BRL 206.10 in the promotion. The functions of the two are very similar. The difference is in the audio design, as the 4th generation has an improvement.

In addition, both work as an intelligent sound box. It lets you listen to music, easily integrates with smartphones and audio streaming services.

Echo Show 5 smart display (2nd generation)

The product can be purchased for R$ 359.10. This is already the value with 40% discount. It’s similar to the Echo Dot, but it has a 5-inch screen, as well as a 2 MP camera.

This device can be used in video calls, picture frames, to watch videos, among other features. The Echo Show is available in black, white and blue.

Air Fryer Gourmet Black – Philco

With a 21% discount, the air fryer goes from R$744.90 to R$589.90. It has a capacity of four liters and draws the attention of consumers for its modern design. The appliance is capable of heating food up to 200°C.

In addition, the model has a protection against overheating, which causes the device to turn off if it exceeds the safety temperature.

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