Is Nubank really giving R$50?

Nubank’s Pix Natalino has been widely publicized over the last few days via WhatsApp. Check all the information!

A benefit of Nubank it has been very publicized in recent days through WhatsApp. Called Pix Natalino, the value of BRL 50 would be being offered by fintech through the platform.

Because of the end of the year, many banks and fintechs are taking some actions to please consumers. Thus, discounts are granted on payments, installment payment methods, among other options.

Meanwhile, customers need to pay close attention to these messages, as the supposed Pix is ​​a scam involving Nubank’s name.

That way, if you receive any messages about this Christmas benefit, understand that it is false. So don’t click on the link sent and don’t share the message with others.

Pix coup of R$ 50 from Nubank

O Pix of R$ 50 is being shared on social networks through messages sent by WhatsApp. The message offers a false Nubank promotion, which presents participants with a value after clicking on the link.

In a note released to Seu Crédito Digital, the advisory of the digital bank pointed out that it is not carrying out any Christmas campaigns. Therefore, scammers are benefiting from actions taken by banks to deceive fintech users and steal their bank details.

How is the coup performed?

In the message shared by social networks, the scam has a link for the consumer to click and be directed to a page with the colors and logo of Nubank. In addition, the page also contains false comments from Facebook users stating that the campaign is true.

The next step of the scam is to redirect the user to a questionnaire with four questions. However, the purpose of the questionnaire is to steal bank details on the device and install various viruses. To end the fake survey, scammers even instruct people to share with other WhatsApp contacts.

It is important to remember that it is not safe to click on any strange links that are sent to you. Confirm with the platform, or on official websites, if the promotions received are true.

In addition, the link sent has a “.ru” at the end of the URL. That is, the domain is Russian, so that criminals are not easily identified in Brazil.

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