José de Abreu, Deolane, Sérgio Guizé and others with a reputation for breath

Deolane, José de Abreu and Sérgio Guizé are on the list of celebrities with a bad smell in their mouths

Having bad breath is not cool, even more so when you have it exposed to the whole country. In this case, seven famous names had their bad breath disclosed to the country. Among the prominent names are Deolane, José de Abreu and actor Sérgio Guizé.


A strong name to win A Fazenda 14, Deolane was called a badass by Deborah Albuquerque. Despite trying to use this to destabilize the doctor, the tactic did not work, but other pedestrians confirmed that she has bad breath.


In this case, the person who exposed José de Abreu’s bad smell was a co-worker. Maria Zilda said that she suffered from her colleague’s breath when they were recording Baby on Board (1988). “I had a crush on the plot. And in the scenes, only the character’s feet appeared because it was all a product of my imagination. Until they decided who would be the actor [para interpretar]🇧🇷 It was decided that it would be José de Abreu. He was in a very crazy phase. He drank too much. And he was so compulsive that there were some scenes where we were tied to a tree, back to back. Do you know that he forced the stagehand to put the cachaça in his mouth?”, She commented in the pandemic.

“The question was, have you ever kissed someone with breath? Already! It was unbearable. Evidently, he drank. Was [cena] external. He was sweaty and already smelled of sweat, more of cigarettes, more of drink. It was unbearable. Zé was an animal”, she said.


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There’s a rumor in Hollywood that Brad Pitty is all good looks and bad breath. Ana de La Reguera would have been responsible for denouncing the bad breath of Angelina Jolie’s ex.


Another Hollywood heartthrob was also accused of not having smelling breath. Ben Affleck was exposed by The Guardian newspaper and the person responsible for the complaint was none other than Sandra Bullock.


Star of RBD, Anahí was also accused of having bad breath. The accusations came at the time that she was recording Rebelde in Mexico. Rumors still said that the bad smell was due to the singer’s lack of hygiene.


Our list also features The Hunger Games Trilogy star Jennifer Lawrence. According to Liam Hemsworth, the breath was due to the fact that she ate garlic and tuna before the recordings, and did not brush her teeth.


We ended our list talking about the heartthrob Sérgio Guizé. Known for notable work at Globo, he is famous for having a bad smell in his mouth.

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