Left does not forgive Frota but approves Janones’ olavism with “cursed race” – 11/28/2022

With the excuse of defending Gilberto Gil, deputy André Janones repeated exactly the same behavior as Olavo de Carvalho’s most violent disciples. They also used the moral justification of a previous attack.

“I didn’t even sleep right after the Bolsonarista attacking the
@gilbertogil Justice alone won’t do it. If we don’t face this cursed race in the streets, imposing ourselves, they won’t stop. Past generations did their part against these vermin, now it’s our turn!”, tweeted the elected deputy and member of the transition communication team.

I don’t remember exactly which political ideology is used to call its political disaffections a “cursed race” and equate human beings with “worms” or other animals. In another Tweet, the congressman referred to political opponents as “human garbage”.

The deputy’s language is the same as he has always used. He was on the same team as political social media stars like Nikolas Ferreira and Gabriel Monteiro. The three always interacted frequently, using the same language and the same methods, now imported into PT.

Until then, the deputy had flown solo. It turns out that Lula decided to put André Janones on the transition team. When he opens his mouth, he also speaks on behalf of this team. It needs to be clear whether this team believes in Justice or not, whether it is judged to be inefficient and should be complemented by street fighting.

It also needs to be clear whether the Lula government is adept at the political ideology that classifies its political opponents as a “cursed race”. More than that, it is necessary to know who the “accursed race” would be. Would it be all of Jair Bolsonaro’s millions of voters? Only fanatics? Who defines?

In 2006, only once did the then PFL Senator Jorge Bornhausen refer to the PT as a “race”. He said we would be “free of this race for the next 30 years” when commenting on the party’s electoral performance. Apart from the carnival in the press for what was seen as a declaration of war, the PT filed a criminal complaint and classified it as hate speech.

The PT itself believes that it is hate speech to call political opponents a “race”. “Cursed race” then, I don’t even know how PT classifies it. The fact is that he decided to let Janones do it again and again. With each pass of cloth, the deputy doubles the bet.

Now, in addition, he has carried out another Olavist practice, that of disclosing the address of the person who attacked Gilberto Gil in the same sequence of posts in which he encourages confrontation in the streets. And, also copying the olavists, he demanded a position from the companies with which the individual does business.

If it was already problematic for Olavo de Carvalho to do this directly from his spiritual and social retreat in Virginia, imagine an elected representative who is part of the transition team. Can a public authority do this? Maybe yes. Does the transition endorse? Silence is more than eloquent.

The intellectual contortionism of those who are trying to justify why they removed Alexandre Frota from the transition team is pathetic. They are the same ones who gladly accept André Janones, who hung out with much more problematic people and was an anti-PT until the other day. In fact, Frota dropped the match well before Janones.

Here we are not talking about politics, morals, virtue or facts. We talk about crowd psychology, group formation, and moral justifications for treating other people badly without suffering consequences.

Bolsonaristas justify everything with the stab. They swear that they only defend themselves, they are fighting for their country and against the system. Not even God knows what this has to do with harassing a Brazilian cultural heritage like Gilberto Gil in Qatar.

André Janones provides the same experience to the Lula group. They can act exactly like Bolsonarists, but say they are only defending themselves in the name of love and democracy. For this reason, he was immediately acquitted and considered indispensable. Unlike Frota, he legitimizes the most primitive instincts of the group.

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