Luis Roberto recovers his voice and leads a historic weekend at the Cup – 11/27/2022

The three-day break forced by a voice problem after suffering from sinusitis was enough for the narrator Luis Roberto to return to the air on Globo in one of the most important moments of the 2022 World Cup. opening game, on the last day 20, the announcer presented hoarseness during the transmission of the French premiere on Tuesday (22) and had to be removed by the broadcaster to be treated.

Luis Roberto’s return happened yesterday, and the mission was to narrate Argentina vs. Mexico. The game brought an extra load of drama, as Lionel Messi’s team debuted with a defeat to Saudi Arabia in the competition and was at risk of being eliminated in case of a new reverse result. The Globo narrator, today a kind of “number 2″, right after Galvão”, did the job and injected doses of emotion into the match, which ended in a 2-0 victory for Argentina.

Using expressions and catchphrases that have been characteristic of him for years (“with faith in his foot”, “you know whose?”, etc.), but also risking new brands, such as “I want to scream a goal”, Luis Roberto sought to emphasize a lot Messi’s moves, even when the star had not yet shone in the duel against the Mexicans.

The height of the narrator’s excitement came when Messi scored Argentina’s first goal. It was proven there that the voice was recovered, and that the mission of narrating the World Cup in loco could move forward.

The game that marked the return of Luis Roberto to the air conquered the post of highest national audience of Globo in the Cup without counting the game of Brazil against Serbia, scoring 28 points in the PNT (National Television Panel), which is the weighted average of all 15 regional squares with Ibope measurement.

Today, a day later, the mission was much the same, but with even more drama. The game was a European classic, Spain v Germany. The Germans were also pressured by an unexpected defeat in their debut, but against Japan, in a match that Luis Roberto should have broadcast on Wednesday (23), but ended up being out because of sinusitis.

Unlike Argentina, Germany did not enter the field and could be eliminated this Sunday, since Japan lost to Costa Rica and ended up embroiling the group. But a new defeat would leave the four-time world champion in a very complicated situation. There was the extra charge of emotion that Luis Roberto needed.

There wasn’t a star like Messi on the field, but Globo’s narrator maintained the tone of the narration of the previous day. Expectations grew with the free kicks in front of the goal, he got excited with the dangerous shots and he released his voice with all the power in the two goals of the game, also taking advantage of an advantage over several other narrators in this Cup: making the transmissions from inside the stadiums, feeling the climate and the heat of the crowd, the match, the event.

The mission ended with the highest audience of games without Brazil in the Cup so far in São Paulo, with 29 points, and the same 28 in the PNT achieved the day before with Argentina x Mexico.

The weekend was quite a test for Luis Roberto, and he passed. Now the next challenge is the narration of Portugal vs Uruguay, this Monday (28), at 4 pm (Brasília time), a game that will be different and promises to have a good audience as well, since it will be right after Brazil’s second participation in the World Cup , against Switzerland, which Galvão Bueno will narrate at 1pm.

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